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Update from Save A Bunny: 4/1/11 Gentle Gavin went to the bunny rainbow bridge today and we will miss him. He developed a large mass on his back that was not operable because it was deeply connected to a network in his body. He was in pain and suffering, so we made the choice to have him humanely euthanized while he was still under anesthesia from exploratory surgery.

Good-bye little man and may you run through fields of clover in bunny heaven.

Update 4/19/10: Sweet Gavin is now living at SaveABunny in Mill Valley (Marin County). Contact Marcy for more information on this darling boy.

Gavin is a friendly little boy who was abandoned in a field with his friend Trudy. He loves to be petted and told how handsome he is, and he is looking forward to kicking up his heels in a new home soon!

Like all bunnies, Gavin needs a clean, quiet place to sleep and play when no one is around to watch him, and then room to run and explore safely when someone is home to supervise. Grass hay and green, leafy vegetables provided fresh daily will keep him healthy, and loving companionship will make him a happy bunny! Visit the House Rabbit Society website for lots of great information on caring for your rabbit.

Gavin is being housed at Monterey County Animal Services. He will need to be neutered before going home with his new family (included in the shelter adoption fee). Contact the shelter or Friendly Farms for more information about this darling rabbit. His shelter id number is: A096004.

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