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Update 10/13: Casey has had a severe episode of head tilt, probably caused by e.cuniculi. His rolling was so bad that we had to keep him in a padded carrier for most of the month of September. Casey is much better now, still a little wobbly, but back to running up and down the hallway and being his cheerful self. With his myriad medical issues, we have decided to make him a sanctuary bunny and let him live the rest of his days with his friends here at Friendly Farms.

Update 10/14/11: Casey’s wound has fully healed, he has been neutered, and he is available for adoption! This darling little boy will bring smiles to the lucky family who takes him home!

Update 9/20/11: Casey’s wound is healing very well, and should be completely gone within a couple of weeks. We are hoping to schedule his neuter for early October.


Casey is our newest medical needs rescue. He came to the shelter with a large maggot-infested wound to his hindquarters, an injured eye, bad teeth, and a strong will to live. The terrific shelter vet and staff cleaned his wound and started him on medication. Shelter management decided not to keep him, so we took him to the Avian and Exotic Clinic and got a treatment plan for him.

Casey is now well on his way to recovery. His wound is healing nicely, and has now been closed up, except for a drain. His eye is looking better, but will still need medication and watching for a few more weeks. The vet trimmed his molars and incisors under anesthesia, and hopefully that will be the last of his tooth issues. Casey has done his part by eating constantly to regain his weight, and by keeping a great attitude. He has been a very good boy through all of his wound cleanings and medications.

Wound first week.

We would like to raise $500 to cover Casey’s medical bills. To donate directly to our medical fund, please contact the Avian and Exotic Clinic and tell them the money is for Casey at Friendly Farms.

Wound second week – closed with drain.

Casey will be available for adoption after his neuter surgery, which we will schedule once his wound has finished healing. For more information about this amazing little boy, contact us here at Friendly Farms.

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