Celebrating the end of foie gras in California!

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Bigfoot and Fanny enjoying life and each other here at Friendly Farms. Geese bond for life, and these two have spent all 13 of their years together as a devoted couple.

Seven years ago, the California Legislature voted to make foie gras, the diseased livers of force-fed ducks or geese, illegal in our great State. This July that ban goes into effect, freeing our water-loving fowl from this cruel short life and gruesome fate. We here at Friendly Farms are delighted to see the end of this torture, and thank the elected officials who voted with compassion for our feathered friends and all of the animal advocates behind the scenes who brought attention to this cruelty.

Want to learn more about how your food choices impact animals? Vegan Outreach produces a number of excellent, easy to understand publications.

Want to know how your food choices impact your own health? The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) and Nutrition Facts will keep you informed.

Thank you for all you do for animals!

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