Lester and Babs

Posted in The Friendly Farms Crew at 4:10 PM by Lori

Update 3/16: Sadly, Lester passed away unexpectedly. Babs has moved in with Pooh Bear and Almond Joy and will remain with us as a sanctuary piggie.

Lester and Babs are an adorable brother and sister, born in early 2012. They are very friendly and a delight to watch running and playing.

Lester has dark urine from crystals forming in his bladder. This is a condition that will have to be monitored throughout his lifetime, and his guardians will have to be very careful about keeping him on a strictly healthy diet. He should see the vet twice a year for checkups and immediately anytime that his urine changes, he is straining to urinate, or he seems lethargic.

Lester and Babs have been getting lots of love and attention in foster care. They are easy to handle and are fine with being held and stroked.

Contact us here at Friendly Farms if you are interested in adopting this wonderful pair of guinea pigs.


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