Sammy – Adopted!

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Update 2/1/13: Dear Sammy has been adopted! Thank you to Cynthia of North Star and Judy of RabbitEARS for helping him to find a sweet girlfriend and a loving family!

Adorable Sammy is sweet and a little shy. He will become a confident and happy pig when he has a secure and loving home. He is looking forward to meeting eligible girls. His neuter surgery was on October 18, and he is “girl-safe” as of November 15.

Sammy is still a little overweight. Muesli-mix type foods may look colorful and fun on the shelf at the pet store, but plain pellets such as Oxbow Essentials are the right food for your guinea pig. A healthy diet for a normal adult guinea pig each day consists of unlimited timothy hay, about 1/8 cup plain guinea pig timothy pellets, and a cup of vegetables, most of which should be leafy greens. A small bit of fruit or carrot makes a nice treat for pigs who are not overweight. Here is a nice guinea pig food pyramid guide.

Sammy thinks running laps is a lot of fun, and he looks forward to having a friend to play pig-train with.

Please contact us here at Friendly Farms if you are interested in adopting Sammy.

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