Charlie (previously Snow) – Adopted!

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Sweet Charlie finally has his forever home! Best wishes to all of you!

Charlie was originally surrendered to the SPCA with his mother and littermates when he was about 3 months old. He was missing one upper incisor and his teeth weren’t able to wear down properly and were overgrown. Charlie was rescued by Friendly Farms and is now being sponsored by AFRP. He had surgery to remove his incisors on January 17.

Rabbits requiring this surgery do very well, as the molars are the only teeth they use for chewing; the incisors are just for biting off pieces of food small enough to eat. The only extra care Charlie requires is having his fruits and hard veggies like carrots chopped up for him, and lettuce and other leafy greens torn into pieces. He is able to eat hay, most green vegetables like parsley, dandelion greens, clover, and cilantro, and rabbit pellets normally.

Rabbits need to chew to keep their incisor teeth worn down. Charlie isn’t able to bite furniture, carpets, baseboards, and other items that you prefer not be chewed on, making him a great house rabbit! He also has excellent litterbox habits, so he is a good candidate for having unsupervised run of the house.

Charlie is an interactive, curious, confident young bunny boy with lots of love to give. He is also easy to handle and look at those great big silly ears! Charlie has been neutered.

Please contact Mia at 831-521-0101, or Friendly Farms for more information about this delightful bunny boy.

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