Muggins (previously Smokey)

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Update 5/12: Muggins is now a permanent resident of Friendly Farms.

Update: 4/15/08 – Muggins’ wound has healed nicely and his fur has grown back. He has been neutered and is ready to move into a loving home!


Please consider helping a rabbit like Muggins this Easter with a donation to the Friendly Farms Medical Fund.

Hi! My name is Muggins! They called me Smokey at the shelter, but my foster mom says there is already a Smokey at Friendly Farms, so I will be called Muggins from now on!

I know the big wound on my back looks pretty bad, but it is healing now that I have had an abscess removed from there. I am active, playing with my toys, digging, and doing other fun bunny things like any other young rabbit boy! My surgical staples will come out in 2 weeks, my fur will grow back, and I will be as handsome as ever!

My brother and I got into a terrible fight at the shelter. I hurt him pretty badly too, but the shelter vet was able to fix him up. My abscess wasn’t getting any better, so the shelter vet recommended that I have surgery. The shelter asked Friendly Farms if they would help me. Thankfully they opened their hearts to me and took me to their vet for surgery, because I have heard that it is not a good thing when animals leave by the back door of the shelter instead of the front.

For now, I am enjoying my stay at Friendly Farms, but when my foster mom tells me how good life will be at my forever home, I can hardly wait! Will you be the person to share love and good times with me for the rest of my life?

Muggins will be available for adoption after his wound heals. We would greatly appreciate help with his medical expenses. Donations can be made directly to the Friendly Farms Medical Fund at the Avian and Exotic Clinic of the Monterey Peninsula or contact us.

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