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Update March 2011: Sadly, Deanna’s husbun Smokey passed away last December. Deanna has now bonded with Peter and Claire and is enjoying her new friends.

Update 8/18/08: Deanna’s incisions are healing nicely and she is available for adoption to a safe and loving home.

Lovely Deanna came into the shelter with a mammary mass. The shelter called Friendly Farms for help, and soon Deanna was at our vet having her spay surgery and the mass removed. The vet found tumors in her uterus, so it is a good thing she got medical care when she did! Over 80% of female bunnies get cancer of the reproductive organs after the age of four if they are not spayed, and having had babies does not reduce their risk.

Deanna is currently resting in a foster home. She will be available for adoption after her incisions have had some time to heal. The vet was able to get clean edges during her surgery, so her prognosis of being cured of cancer is very good, though her chances of getting cancer again someday are a little higher than for the average spayed bunny.

If you can help with Deanna’s surgery bills, please contact the Avian and Exotic Clinic and donate to our Friendly Farms Medical Fund. We can only help bunnies like Deanna through the generosity of our donors.

Contact us here at Friendly Farms for more information about adopting beautiful Deanna.

Update 9/9/08: Sweet Deanna has found love with Smokey, and the two are now bonded snuggle bunnies! Congratulations to the happy couple! They are now both sanctuary rabbits here at Friendly Farms.

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