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Tiny Natalia arrived at the shelter as a stray with a broken leg. They called us to see if we could help her, and we took her to the vet, where she was examined, x-rayed, splinted, and sent home for two weeks of cage rest. Sadly, Natalia died a few days later from internal injuries she had also suffered at the time of her accident; injuries that didn’t show up in the x-rays or during the exam.

If you would like to help us give more bunnies like Natalia another chance, please make a donation to the Friendly Farms Medical Fund at the Avian and Exotic Clinic of the Monterey Peninsula. All donations go towards medical care. Thank you for your support!



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Milton was killed by the shelter on 1/27/11. AFRP had already let the shelter know that they were going to take him, and Friendly Farms would have picked him up from the shelter if the shelter had told us that he was on the euthanasia list. We are heartbroken for Milton, and upset that the shelter chose to kill him rather than contacting rescue.

Milton is a very shy boy. He longs for loving touch, but is fearful that he will be hurt again. He came to the shelter with bite wounds on his shoulder and hip. The shelter vet cleaned his wounds and they are healing now. Milton will do best in a quieter home with older children and no dogs. He will be a delightful companion once he can trust again.

Milton will need to be neutered as a condition of adoption (included in the shelter adoption fee). Please contact Monterey County Animal Services or Friendly Farms for more information about this gorgeous boy. His shelter number is: A102350.



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Marcus keeps cool on a hot day with his frozen water bottles.

Update March 20, 2012: Marcus died unexpectedly and the necropsy showed only “pinpoint hemorrhaging in his lungs”. We think maybe he wanted to join his beloved Annabelle. Binky free, big guy. We miss you both so much.

Update 2/27/12: Marcus has had ongoing jaw and tooth issues since he has been here at Friendly Farms. He is currently stable and off of all medications, but the family who adopts this big teddy bun needs to be prepared to take on any further medical needs he has. Sadly, his girlfriend, Annabelle passed away, so he is a single bunny again. He would be delighted to meet some eligible girls, so contact us here at Friendly Farms if your bunny girl is looking for a large boy to snuggle with!

Update 9/20/11: We were able to control the infection medically, and Marcus has been able to keep his incisors! He is doing very well, but still needs another surgery to remove another abscess in his neck. We are hoping to get that surgery done sometime in October.

Update 4/15/11: Marcus has a large abscess on his neck with pockets that reach up around his tooth roots. The vet opened two drains and we are flushing twice daily and have him on antibiotics. We are hoping to eliminate the infection this way, but if that is not possible, major surgery, including removal of his incisors may be necessary. Can you help with his bills? Please make donations to the Friendly Farms Medical Fund at the Avian and Exotic Clinic.

Update 10/27/10: Marcus and Annabelle are now a happily bonded pair, and must be adopted together. Contact us for more information about this big, fun couple!

Update 10/5/10: Marcus came through his neuter surgery easily and recovered quickly. He is now available for adoption to an indoor home with a loving family.

Marcus is a big, sweet, French lop boy. He was found stray and ended up at the shelter, where his wounded and tattered ears led them to decide not to put him up for adoption. Our vet said that his injuries should heal quickly now that he has a clean, safe place to live and good healthy food available 24/7.

Marcus appears to be about 3 years old. He weighs in at almost 10 pounds- just right for those who love big bunnies!

Marcus is scheduled to be neutered on Thursday, September 30. He will be available for adoption the following week.

Contact us here at Friendly Farms for more information about this terrific boy.



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Update from Save A Bunny: 4/1/11 Gentle Gavin went to the bunny rainbow bridge today and we will miss him. He developed a large mass on his back that was not operable because it was deeply connected to a network in his body. He was in pain and suffering, so we made the choice to have him humanely euthanized while he was still under anesthesia from exploratory surgery.

Good-bye little man and may you run through fields of clover in bunny heaven.

Update 4/19/10: Sweet Gavin is now living at SaveABunny in Mill Valley (Marin County). Contact Marcy for more information on this darling boy.

Gavin is a friendly little boy who was abandoned in a field with his friend Trudy. He loves to be petted and told how handsome he is, and he is looking forward to kicking up his heels in a new home soon!

Like all bunnies, Gavin needs a clean, quiet place to sleep and play when no one is around to watch him, and then room to run and explore safely when someone is home to supervise. Grass hay and green, leafy vegetables provided fresh daily will keep him healthy, and loving companionship will make him a happy bunny! Visit the House Rabbit Society website for lots of great information on caring for your rabbit.

Gavin is being housed at Monterey County Animal Services. He will need to be neutered before going home with his new family (included in the shelter adoption fee). Contact the shelter or Friendly Farms for more information about this darling rabbit. His shelter id number is: A096004.



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Annabelle died unexpectedly on Feb. 18, 2012. We are heartbroken and miss her very much. Marcus is a lonely boy now, and we hope he will find love again soon.

Update 10/27/10: Annabelle has found love with Marcus! They are now a bonded pair and must be adopted together. Contact us for more information.

Annabelle is a stunning New Zealand White girl found in a strawberry field. She enjoys having her ears rubbed and being told how beautiful she is.

Annabelle is a good sized rabbit- about 9 lbs. now that she has reached her full adult weight. Big bunnies like her often make the best family pets as children may be less likely to try to pick them up than a small rabbit. Many tragedies occur when bunnies are accidentally dropped or mishandled by children. While parental supervision to ensure that bunny is always treated gently is the best prevention, adopting a larger rabbit can also be a good choice for families with younger children.

Annabelle needs a home where she will have lots of bunny-safe room to run and play everyday and a space to call her own when she is unsupervised. She has been spayed and is ready to go home with someone who can see just how special she is. Contact us at Friendly Farms for more information.



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Update 10/23/09: Hector hopped to the Rainbow Bridge on October 20th. He had a brain tumor that had grown large enough that it was severely affecting his ability to breath.

Hector was one of the friendliest bunnies we have ever had the pleasure to have known. His sweet spirit will live with us always.

Hector was found by highway 101 in Prunedale. He was very dirty when he arrived at the shelter, but soon shed his old coat and is now clean and handsome again. Despite all that he has been through, Hector is a very friendly boy who is interested in meeting new people. As soon as he knows that you will be kind to him, he settles in for strokes and enjoys the attention for as long as you will pet him.

Hector has been neutered and is ready to leave his rough past behind and move on to a loving, safe, indoor home. He would also be interested in meeting some eligible bunny girls who like a guy tough enough to make it in a sometimes cruel world.

For more information about Hector, contact us here at Friendly Farms.


Travis and Victoria

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Update 4/2/11: Victoria Rose died after declining for a couple of weeks. The vets were never able to determine what was ailing her, and the necropsy showed nothing. We miss her weaving through our legs when we worked in the kitchen and how lovingly she and Travis groomed each other.

Update 8/5/2010: Victoria and Travis are now permanent residents of Friendly Farms.

Travis is a big lop boy who was brought to the shelter when he was just a young guy. He had been living alone in a cabbage field and was glad to finally have a safe place to sleep, some companionship, and something to eat other than cabbage!

Victoria is a lovely New Zealand White girl who was surrendered to the shelter because, not surprisingly, the child she was given to wasn’t able to care for her properly. Rabbits need fresh food and water daily, clean and safe shelter, exercise, socialization and vet care just as cats and dogs do- more responsibility than can be expected of a child.

Victoria and Travis are now a loving, bonded pair, who must be adopted together. They are sweet bunnies who love to be petted, great with their litter box, and will make wonderful house rabbits for someone who will take the time to do some bunny-proofing.

They would be happiest in an adult home or one with older children who will pet them nicely and not try to pick them up. Please contact Friendly Farms if you want to meet Travis and Victoria.


Smokey Bunny

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Update December 2010: Smokey became disabled and then passed away over a period of a few weeks. He was a very fun and loving boy and he is missed a lot. Deanna has bonded with Peter and Claire.

Update: Smokey has fallen in love with the beautiful Deanna, and they are a very happy couple!

Update: Smokey has been retired to our sanctuary program here at Friendly Farms. We will provide care for him for the rest of his life.

If you like your bunny big and fun, this is the rabbit for you! Though he is mellowing now that he is almost five years old, Smokey still loves to throw his toys, dig and scoot his rugs, and toss his head while he scampers around!

Smokey has been neutered and microchipped, and yes, his pillow comes with him! He is looking for an adult home that can give him room to run, toys and activities to keep him busy, and, of course, lots of love! Contact us here at Friendly Farms for more information.



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Devlin is quite the sweetie. He came into the Salinas shelter just before Christmas of 2005, and he has now found love with beautiful Diana, one of our sanctuary bunnies!


Update 12/07: Devlin was diagnosed with megacolon, a chronic condition that affects the lower portion of the digestive tract. Sadly, he suddenly passed away from it a few months later. Rest in peace, little guy. We miss you.