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Update 7/16: Humphrey decided he wanted to move in with our lovely elder girl Daffodil. She had no objections and they are now enjoying life together as loving snuggle bunnies.

Humphrey is a delightful satin boy with soft, soft fur. He is an active young boy who loves to run around and play with his toys, but most of all, he just wants to hang out with his friends.


Humphrey does not like new situations, so he will do best in a quiet, adult home, where life is pretty predictable. He needs to bond firmly with at least one of his humans who will always be there for him and help him to feel secure. We don’t know what Humphrey has seen in his short life, but something has made him extremely distrustful of being handled by strangers. But once he knows you, he is all set for taking strokes and being involved with the daily goings on.


Please contact us here at Friendly Farms if you are interested in meeting Humphrey. He has been neutered and would be interested in bonding with a compatible female.


Please Welcome Panda and Pooh!

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Panda and Pooh hanging out in their hay box.

Update: Sadly, dear Panda Bear has left us for the next world. Evidently the cancer had spread to other parts of his body. Though he was only with us a few weeks, we enjoyed his sweet disposition and giving him extra treats. We are glad that he was happy and comfortable during his short stay.

Pooh Bear has moved in with Snowball and Almond Joy and is a happy boy. They are a darling trio.

Please welcome our latest sanctuary residents, Panda and Pooh! They came to us from a not good situation, from which they were rescued by some local angels and taken to our vet.

Panda and Pooh look to be about 5 or 6 years old. Panda has a gi-normous tumor on his left hind leg that is unfortunately inoperable. He is a trouper, though, and doesn’t let it stop him from getting around or from stealing food from Pooh!

Panda hay snorkeling.

Pooh has a benign growth on his nose that makes it look a little crusty. It doesn’t seem to bother him at all.

Pooh and Panda on the way home from the vet. Panda’s tumor is pretty evident in this photo.

Panda and Pooh are sweet boys who love to cuddle. Panda is the more outgoing of the two. He is always on the lookout for treats, and with the tumor stealing so much of his nutrition, he is rather thin and we get to oblige! We supplement his regular food with Critical Care syringe feeding formula and fresh treats like carrot and melon.

When the human arrives, Panda takes one step forward and Pooh takes one step back. They love to snuggle together in their bigloo.

The vet does not expect Panda to be with us much longer, but we will make his remaining time as happy and comfortable as we can. Pooh will always have a home with us, and we will ensure that he always has guinea pig friends to do guinea pig things with.


Snowball and Teddy

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Update 6/24/15: Teddy has unexpectedly passed away. We have bonded Snowball to Almond Joy and Kahlua, a pair of our sanctuary piggies, and she will spend the remainder of her days with us here at Friendly Farms.

Snowball & Teddy are a bonded pair of older girls. They are friendly and used to being handled, but, as with all guinea pigs, need to take some time before they fully trust you.

Snowball has ovarian cysts, which are very common in older female guinea pigs. Your vet can check them during her well-pet exams to make sure they are not growing or causing Snowball any discomfort.

One of Teddy’s hind feet looks like it was broken at some point in her life. It has healed and she walks on it just fine and it does not appear to be at all painful for her.

Guinea pigs live for 5 – 8 years, so these girls still have plenty of good times ahead of them. Contact us here at Friendly Farms if you are interested in providing them with a comfortable retirement home.


Almond Joy and Kahlua

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Update 10/7/14: Almond Joy and Kahlua are now living with their friend Coconut and will remain here at Friendly Farms as part of our sanctuary program.

Isn’t this couple adorable? Kahlua is the darling girl with her head tucked under her hero Almond Joy’s chin.

Kahlua and Almond Joy are 3 years old and must be adopted together. Almond Joy has been neutered. They are used to being handled and have lived in a household with dogs and birds.

Kahlua had a serious case of pneumonia when she was a young girl. She lost the use of one lung, but the other lung is working fine and she can run and play just like the other piggies. However, she will need this condition to be monitored during her yearly well-piggy exam.

For more information about living with guinea pigs, please visit Guinea Lynx. Guinea Pig Cages has great housing ideas.

Please contact us here at Friendly Farms for more information about adopting this wonderful couple.


Please Welcome Thomas and the Harvest Home Rescue Girls!

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Update 10/13: We have found a couple of eggs in the yard, so it seems our young goose is a girl! We have renamed her Thomasina and call her Tomi. Bigfoot couldn’t be more delighted.

We are pleased to welcome Thomas, a young goose who ended up at a Los Angeles shelter, to Friendly Farms!

Here is a short movie of him enjoying his daily salad: Thomas

We also recently took 6 egg farm hens into retirement. These girls suffered through 2 1/2 years as layers in battery cages. They will always have the clipped beaks to remind us of their past, but they are dust bathing, enjoying their salads, and laying in the sun with our other hens, their worth no longer dependent on their ability to lay lots of eggs.


If you would like to adopt some hens into your family, the British Hen Welfare Trust has some good articles on care and housing.

For California residents, Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary, Animal Place, and Farm Sanctuary are all active in bringing egg farm hens and other farmed animals to safety and loving homes.



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Charlotte at the shelter.

Charlotte’s new look!

Update 1/12/15: Charlotte is now bonded with Sage and they are happy snuggle buns.

Update 4/20/13: Charlotte has been learning how to do burn-outs and binkies and is ready to go home with a loving family. Please contact us here at Friendly Farms if you are interested in adopting her.

Update 4/10/13: Charlotte was spayed last week and the vet also surgically removed a large stone from her bladder. She is able to keep herself clean now, though she still has more weight to shed before she can be considered trim.

Charlotte will be available for adoption through Friendly Farms once she is off of medications and given a clean bill of health by our vet. Contact us if you are interested in giving this little girl a loving forever home.

Charlotte is a lovely girl with gorgeous black eyeliner. She is very frightened because of all of the new sounds and smells at the shelter, and will show her true personality when she feels secure in a new home. She was very good for her clean up and nail trim today.

Charlotte is very overweight and unable to clean herself. It will take a few months on a proper rabbit diet to get her down to a good weight. In the meantime, she needs help keeping her bottom clean.

She is scheduled to be spayed on Thurs. April 4.

Charlotte is at Monterey County Animal Services. Contact us or the shelter to learn more about this sweet girl. She is looking forward to a new life in a loving home.

For more information about living with rabbits, please go to the House Rabbit Society website.



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Update 10/3/12: Maggie is now healed and we have put her with one of our sanctuary herds. She is a happy little piggy, chasing the other girls and following her friend Archie around. She still has a tendency to self-mutilate, so we keep her left rear foot wrapped in tape so she can’t scratch herself raw.

If you would like to help us provide medical care to more homeless and abandoned guinea pigs like Maggie, please contact the Avian and Exotic Clinic and make a donation to the Friendly Farms Medical Fund.

Clockwise from upper left: Reese, BonBon, Archie, Maggie, Cocoa Puff.

Little Maggie came to the shelter with her underside dyed red, some of her toenails painted pink, and so itchy from lice that she was having seizures. The shelter vet treated her for the lice and our vet gave her antibiotics and anti-inflammatories to help heal the wounds where she had scratched herself raw. An abscess on her chin was opened and flushed until it healed.

Over the weeks that we have had her and gotten to know her better, it has become evident that the extent of her medical issues is even greater. We have discovered that she also has neurological problems. Now she needs surgery for a wound that did not heal and is growing larger on her neck. Possibly a tumor? We aren’t sure, but it needs to be removed, so that is her next hurdle.

Despite all of the vet visits and medications, Maggie has kept her sweet disposition. We will care for her until she is healthy enough to go to a loving home that can meet her special needs, or let her spend the rest of her life here at the sanctuary. Can you help with her vet bills? Please contact the Avian and Exotic Clinic of the Monterey Peninsula at 831-647-1147 and contribute to the Friendly Farms Medical Fund. Tell them it’s for Maggie.

Update 8/26/12: Maggie had surgery to remove the mass from her neck and we are waiting for the lab report. She is a spunky girl, and even though the surgery site is not healing as quickly as we would like, her appetite is good and she is active.

Maggie’s vet bills have added up to $500 now. If you can help, please contact the Avian and Exotic Clinic and make a donation to the Friendly Farms Medical Fund. Thank you!


Lester and Babs

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Update 3/16: Sadly, Lester passed away unexpectedly. Babs has moved in with Pooh Bear and Almond Joy and will remain with us as a sanctuary piggie.

Lester and Babs are an adorable brother and sister, born in early 2012. They are very friendly and a delight to watch running and playing.

Lester has dark urine from crystals forming in his bladder. This is a condition that will have to be monitored throughout his lifetime, and his guardians will have to be very careful about keeping him on a strictly healthy diet. He should see the vet twice a year for checkups and immediately anytime that his urine changes, he is straining to urinate, or he seems lethargic.

Lester and Babs have been getting lots of love and attention in foster care. They are easy to handle and are fine with being held and stroked.

Contact us here at Friendly Farms if you are interested in adopting this wonderful pair of guinea pigs.




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Gidget has fallen for Nigel, one of our sanctuary boys, and is now a permanent resident of Friendly Farms. See our Adoptables page for listings of available guinea pigs, or go to Petfinder.

Gidget is about 2 years old now. She was surrendered to the shelter because the child in her family became allergic to her. Whether that is a true story or not we do not know, as sometimes people use “allergies” as an excuse to dump a pet that no one wants to care for, but here are some ideas for when allergies do become heightened around guinea pigs. We have found that wearing long sleeves when handling timothy hay stops our arms from breaking out, and others have reported that feeding second cut timothy hay (leafier, without the seed heads) or orchard grass eliminated the problem for the allergy sufferer.

Gidget is a little shy and not used to being handled a lot, but she has not nipped since we have had her. She enjoys living next to the other guinea pigs, however she has not been compatible with our pigs and may prefer to always have her own space. She is fine with the rabbits.



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Simon is one of the 75 bunnies who were abandoned in the Marina Dunes area of Monterey County. He is a healthy, active little boy who is looking forward to having a home with lots of room he can run in, and a bunny girlfriend to spend his days with.

Are you thinking of adopting? The House Rabbit Society website has the information new bunny parents need to get started, plus pages on all kinds of rabbit-related topics for those who have lived with bunnies for many years.

Contact us here at Friendly Farms if you are interested in adopting this adorable boy.

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