Thank You!

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Basil was living in an elementary school garden with some friends before coming to Friendly Farms in 2009. Dailey ran out of time at the Salinas shelter in 2004.

Thank you, everyone, for another year of helping us to help animals! With your support, we were able to assist over 100 furred and feathered friends again, through our sanctuary and fostering programs.

Adorable Andy is one of the boys from the breeder shut down we assisted with in July. He is neutered and available for adoption.

Food, litter and medical care add up to a lot with that many little beings, so, as always, we greatly appreciate your donations. 100% of the money always goes to the animals- we do not take a salary.

Contact the Avian and Exotic Clinic of Monterey County at 831-663-1413, and they will take your card number over the phone and credit our Friendly Farms Medical Fund. Or click on the Paypal button to give now!

Scarlet, Penny, Brenda (RIP), Roseanne, Yvette, Henrietta, Esmerelda and Guillermo. Esmerelda and Guillermo came to us this year when the event venue they called home gave them the boot for not being exotic enough, and for Guillermo being too noisy. He can crow all he wants here at Friendly Farms, and we just love him the more for it.

May your holidays be happy and the new year bring you and yours peace, joy, and prosperity!

Abby. This little orphaned girl was only supposed to stay with us for a week, but when the person responsible for her didn’t call or return to pick her up, we stepped up and made the decision to give her a loving home. She is slowly integrating herself into our group of cats.