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Clyde has been entered into our sanctuary program and is now a permanent resident of Friendly Farms.

Clyde is an absolutely gorgeous Angora boy. Don’t let the long fur fool you- he loves to run and play like any other active bunny! He will need some assistance to keep that lovely coat looking good, so this is the bun for you if you enjoy one-on-one grooming time! We will give you instructions on how to help him maintain his coat properly. Clyde has been neutered and is available for adoption through Friendly Farms.

Sweet Pea- Adopted!

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Sweet PeaLovely Sweet Pea has three new bunny friends to enjoy- Bubba, Monty, and Gabriel. Best wishes to them, and thank you, Valiska!



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Billy has been adopted as a companion to lovely CJ, one of our sanctuary rabbits! Congratulations to the happy couple!

Billy came to us with injuries to both eyes from cats. He lived with several cats in his former home, before he was neutered, and he just couldn’t understand why they didn’t appreciate his amorous advances.

Billy has now been neutered. He was on antibiotics for awhile to make sure none of his injuries had caused infection. His eyes seem to have stabilized, except for a cataract growing in his left eye.

Update 6/10/09: Billy’s left eye has deteriorated, and he has been unable to see from it for many months now. It has gotten to the point where we believe he would be more comfortable without it. Dr. Wells at the Avian and Exotic Clinic will perform his enucleation surgery tomorrow.


Update 6/13/09: Arrr! I’m a pirate bunny now, don’t ya’ know, matey! Billy’s surgery went smoothly and he is healing quickly. The sutures will dissolve and his fur will grow back soon. He and CJ are happy snuggle bunnies again.

Buddy- Adopted!

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Meet Buddy!

Wonderful Buddy has been adopted! Congratulations to him and his new family!


Boo – 2002? – March 13, 2010

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Update 3/16/10- Boo had been struggling with multiple medical issues for the last several weeks. His little body finally gave up, and he has left us for the next world. We will always remember his sweet disposition with just enough ‘rabbitude’, his love for Mom Rabbit, and how gracefully he took all of the treatments he was subjected to since he became ill. We love you, Boo Boo.

Boo was found on the golf course by Bird Rock in Pebble Beach. He really wasn’t suited for the outdoor life (like all domestic rabbits!) and was brought to Monterey County Animal Services for some much needed R & R, and a little help from the vet to get rid of the bugs he picked up while living outside. He has been diagnosed with e. cuniculi, but his condition has stabilized with medication. He is now in foster care at Friendly Farms.

Boo is now a happy guy in search of a loving, safe, INDOOR home. He appears to be about three or four years old, and hasn’t seen a lot of attention. (How much time would YOU want to spend in front of a hutch in the backyard petting your bunny when it is raining and 45ยบ outside? It’s much easier and more fun for everyone when bunny jumps up on the couch and watches TV with you!) Boo has really opened up to daily treats and lots of strokes and ear rubs. He has been neutered and is ready for adoption. Contact us for more information.


Update: Boo has found love and is now happily paired with Mom Rabbit! Contact us if you are interested in adopting this adorable couple!

Update: Boo has developed some hind end weakness from the e. cuniculi, but he still gets around great. He and Mom Rabbit will be cared for here as sanctuary residents unless an extra special loving family steps up to adopt them.

Update 4/09: Boo has a kidney stone. He gets daily sub-cutaneous fluids, and also antibiotics when necessary (urinary tract bacterial infections are common with kidney stones). We are hoping that Boo will be able to have surgery to remove the stone at some point, but the vet says his blood work is not quite showing the values she needs to see to be confident that he is strong enough for the surgery. In the meantime, he is his cheerful self, snuggling with Mom Rabbit and front and center at mealtime.

Welcome to the new look!

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We’re adopting a new look so that we can present updates faster. The method I was using before required updating the entire site!

This is a rough start, and as I learn WordPress, the roughness will hopefully be less obvious!