Drake and Donna

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Drake and Donna

Update 9/20/09: Drake passed away unexpectedly, leaving us all saddened by the loss of such a sweet soul. Lovely Donna has been retired to our sanctuary program, and is now bonded with Sage.


Donna and Sage

Drake and Donna are a lovely couple, both about 1 1/2 years old now. Drake is the handsome agouti boy on the left, and Donna is the pretty English spot mix girl on the right. They are currently in foster care here at Friendly Farms.

Donna and Drake are very neat and clean bunnies- great with their litterbox. They are charming to watch together, eating, grooming, and cuddling. They both enjoy lots of strokes and are always up for a tasty parsley snack!

Donna and Drake are independent bunnies who love to run and play. They are both medium sized rabbits, about 5 1/2 lbs., and make a striking couple. They lived with dogs in their last home, and would be happy to share a family with a well-behaved dog again.

If you are interested in giving this sweet pair a safe indoor home, where they will be a well-loved part of the family, contact us here at Friendly Farms for more information.


The Lost Boys

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Six juvenile male bunnies were left in the night drop boxes at Monterey County Animal Services on Labor Day. Three are agouti mixes and three are silver marten mixes. They are about six months old now, and all are in excellent health. I enjoy watching them skipping and running in their enclosure at the shelter. They are used to humans and will make wonderful companions for anyone who will give them a safe and loving home.

What a cutie! Adorable silver marten mix boy Juan. Juan has been adopted! Congratulations to his new family!

Awwww! Washing his widdle face! Beautiful agouti mix boy Sandy. Sandy has been adopted! Congratulations to Margie!

Jay. We think he might be the daddy of the other boys, and is maybe about a year old. Is that a wascally gleam in his eye, or am I imagining things? Jay has been adopted! Congratulations to Dr. Davis!

Pumpkinseed has been adopted! Congratulations to him and his new family!

Jackie, as in Jackie Chan! This little guy can do a flying kick that would make any martial arts teacher proud! Jackie has been adopted! Congratulations to Monica and her family!

Nicky has a darling dark nose and ears to offset his lovely tan coat. Nicky has been adopted! Congratulations to Margie!


Blackberry- Adopted!

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Blackberry has been adopted as a friend to Daniel, aka Muffy. Thank you, Stephen and Jill, for giving her a wonderful home!