Grady – Adopted!

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Gorgeous Grady has been adopted!  Congratulations to him and his new family!


Myxomatosis Alert!

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Myxomatosis is a viral disease spread by arthropods, such as mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas, that is deadly to rabbits. Every year people lose their beloved companion rabbits to this horrible disease. This year is no exception, but there are some things that you can do to protect your bunnies.

Mosquitoes are most active at dusk, so this is a good time to bring any bunnies that are out playing inside for the night.

Use mosquito netting to cover your rabbit’s outside play area.

Do not allow water to sit in puddles anywhere in your yard, as mosquitoes need such pools for laying their eggs.

Encourage swallows, certain bats, and other bug-eating animals to visit your yard. They eat thousands of insects each day, and are enjoyable to watch at work!

Use topical parasiticides such as Advantage to control fleas and ticks on all of your pets. Your vet can give you the proper products and dosages for each animal. NEVER use Frontline on rabbits- it is not formulated for them and will kill them.

We do not recommend the use of bug sprays or chemical lawn treatments, as they are toxic to more than just insects. Rabbits should never be allowed to graze on plants that have been treated with pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Myxomatosis cases peak between August and November, so this is the time of year to be especially vigilant. When the mosquitoes come out, it’s time for the bunnies to go in!

Best wishes from all of us here at Friendly Farms for a safe and happy autumn!

Condolences to Jill and Stephen on the loss of their girl Peaches. She was a very well-loved bunny and is missed very much by them, and also by her partner, Hootie.

Peaches enjoying a treat.

Hootie gives Peaches some love. Peaches was also affectionately known as Mrs. Hootie.

Update 9/19/09: Our condolences to Jill and Stephen on the loss of Hootie. Rest in peace, little guy.