Delphina & Roy

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Update November 2011: Roy passed away after one of his lungs collapsed. He was a very sweet soul and we miss him terribly. Delphina is now bonded with Billy, and they are enjoying life together in the guinea pig room.

Update: Delphina and Roy are now permanent residents of Friendly Farms! We have retired them to our sanctuary program.

Roy and Delphina are one of the cutest couples you can imagine! They are both mini-rexs, with soft, soft fur. Roy is the larger bunny, all white, and about four years old. Delphina has the lovely brown markings; she came into the Salinas shelter as a youngster in the spring of 2005, which makes her just about two now. They are being fostered here at Friendly Farms, where they enjoy doing everything together- eating, playing, sleeping, grooming- they are one sweet couple!

Delphina and Roy must be adopted together, into an indoor home, where they will be a well-loved part of the family. No social deprivation in a child’s room or the garage, please. They will reward you with their endearing affection for one another, and charming playfulness. Contact us at getinfo@friendlyfarms.org for more information!

Smokey Bunny

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Update December 2010: Smokey became disabled and then passed away over a period of a few weeks. He was a very fun and loving boy and he is missed a lot. Deanna has bonded with Peter and Claire.

Update: Smokey has fallen in love with the beautiful Deanna, and they are a very happy couple!

Update: Smokey has been retired to our sanctuary program here at Friendly Farms. We will provide care for him for the rest of his life.

If you like your bunny big and fun, this is the rabbit for you! Though he is mellowing now that he is almost five years old, Smokey still loves to throw his toys, dig and scoot his rugs, and toss his head while he scampers around!

Smokey has been neutered and microchipped, and yes, his pillow comes with him! He is looking for an adult home that can give him room to run, toys and activities to keep him busy, and, of course, lots of love! Contact us here at Friendly Farms for more information.



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Devlin is quite the sweetie. He came into the Salinas shelter just before Christmas of 2005, and he has now found love with beautiful Diana, one of our sanctuary bunnies!


Update 12/07: Devlin was diagnosed with megacolon, a chronic condition that affects the lower portion of the digestive tract. Sadly, he suddenly passed away from it a few months later. Rest in peace, little guy. We miss you.


Katydid and Cricket- Adopted!

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Katydid (also known as Thistle) and Cricket (aka Frank) have been adopted!  Congratulations to them and their new families!

Ronnie and Petra- Adopted!

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Ronnie and Petra have been adopted! Congratulations to Julie and her family!