Video comes to Friendly Farms

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[google -755673361412991535]Blue cleans his ears; Duchess steals the spotlight by turning the camera strap into a toy.

We have acquired the ability to include videos of adoptable bunnies and other doings here at Friendly Farms.

Here’s a quick test to see how it all gels…


Easter and Rabbits

Posted in New news! at 5:17 PM by Lori

Clyde has co-opted the lower shelves of the bookcase for himself.

So…it’s Easter time, and you want to adopt a bunny! Are you ready for:

– initial costs of $100 – 200 for supplies (rabbits grow up fast, so we do NOT recommend buying a cheap “starter cage”) plus $75 – 200 for a spay or neuter if your bunny hasn’t been altered?

– taking the time to “bunny-proof” your house before bringing the rabbit home, to keep bunny safe and reduce the possibility of damage to your house and possessions?

– 10 years of daily cleanup, fresh food, water and hay, exercise and attention, even if the family member who initially most wants the rabbit soon loses interest?

– $20 – 100 a month for litter, fresh vegetables, hay, pellets, toys, and other necessary items?

– 10 years of grooming and nail trims and the associated expense if you don’t want to do it yourself?

– yearly trips to the vet for well-bunny exams, with the accompanying fees, and more often if your rabbit becomes ill?

Still interested? Here is an interactive website you can visit to help you get started: http://www.makeminechocolate.org/learning.php

Remember- stuffed toys, chocolate rabbits, and baskets of colored eggs or cut flowers are perfectly appropriate gifts for the season that don’t need ongoing care. Bringing home a live animal requires a lifetime commitment to that animal- a big responsibility for anyone, and one that no child can make on his or her own. Parents are always the ultimate caretaker if a child loses interest in a pet, so make certain that the adults in the family want another animal in the household before bringing one home. No one wants to abuse, neglect, or abandon a pet! Be sure of a lifelong home before you buy or adopt!

Happy Spring!