Alicia- Adopted!

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Alicia has moved on to her new home! Congratulations to her and her new family!

Alicia is a lovely mini-rex girl with a beautiful soft coat and petite features. Her small size doesn’t stop her from voicing her opinion, however! This little girl will let you know what she wants, and first on her list is No Small Cages!

Most pet store cages are too small for a bunny to be comfortable in without becoming overly protective of their space or bored and depressed. Alicia, like other rabbits, needs an exercise pen or large cage for her home in addition to lots of running time, or even to have free run of the house to be truly happy.

Alicia has quickly picked up on using her litter box and will soon be a pro. She has been spayed. As she was found hopping at large in Salinas, we don’t know her background, but she seems calm with dogs, cats, and small children, so it is likely that her previous home was with a family.

We are guessing that Alicia is about a year old now, and she is looking forward to becoming part of a family who will give her lots of love and room to run for the rest of her life.


Carlito- Adopted!

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Congratulations to Carlito and his new family! We wish you many happy years together!

Carlito is an adorable vanilla and caramel colored English spot mix boy. He is still a youngster; about 6 months old. He was pretty scared when he first arrived at the shelter, but now he has learned that looking cute gets you lots of strokes, and he has been soaking up all of the attention!

He is a very active young bunny who enjoys digging, playing with his toys, doing burnouts and the Bunny 500. Carlito will need a home where he has plenty of bunny-proofed areas to run, as well as a roomy space to call his own.