Nine Baby Bunnies at MCAS

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Sigi and Ursa relax in a pen at the shelter.

Update: Nate and Cleo have been adopted! Congratulations to them and their new family!

Update: Sigi, Ursa, Pepper and Moira have moved to Posh Pets in Pacific Grove, where they are waiting to be adopted into wonderful homes! Contact Kelly at 831-375-7387 for more information.

Nine young rabbits were recently dropped off at Monterey County Animal Services. These adorable babies are growing up fast and are ready to bring cheer to many lucky homes as well-loved house rabbits! Please contact us here at Friendly Farms or MCAS for more information.

These young ladies are named Cleo, Pepper, and Missy. They love cuddling together and grooming each other.

The shelter has limited space for rabbits, so the sooner we can get these cuties into great homes, the better! Please consider adopting or fostering some shelter rabbits and save a life!

Sweet Andre has an infection in his ears. He will be available for adoption in a few weeks when it has cleared up. He is now in foster care at Friendly Farms.

Shelters and rescue groups such as Friendly Farms can only be successful in helping animals with the support of our community. Without adoptions into loving families and donations of time, money, and supplies, we can only help a limited number of animals.

Little Moira rests in her pen at the shelter.

We would like to save the lives of all of the healthy rabbits that come into our shelters, and with your support we can!

Flower and Nate snuggle in their cage. They have been altered now and are ready to become part of a loving family.

Please help Sigi, Ursa, Cleo, Pepper, Missy, Andre, Moira, Flower and Nate make it to their forever homes! Contact the shelter or Friendly Farms for more information.


Lenny- Adopted!

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Congratulations to Julie and Ann on the new addition to their family! Lenny has two new bunny friends- Jack and Baby. Best wishes to all of you!

Lenny is a big cuddly boy, about 4 years old now we think. He is a mellow Californian mix bunny who just wants to be loved. He enjoys his fresh greens and hay, and a nap in a sun beam in the afternoon makes for a pleasant day.


Dippin’ Dots- Adopted!

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Dippin’ Dots has been adopted! Congratulations to Becky on her new companion!

Update: Dippin’ Dots has had his surgery and is eating on his own again, with help from us chopping his vegetables for him. Any donations towards his vet bill are greatly appreciated!

This absolutely adorable little Netherland dwarf boy is a real sweetheart! He doesn’t mind being gently lifted and held and enjoys lots of attention.

Dippin’ Dots is a special needs bunny who has maloccluded incisors. His teeth will need to be trimmed by a professional every 3 months or so for the rest of his life unless he has them extracted by an experienced rabbit vet.


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Pancake is a wonderful guinea pig girl who is very talkative! The shelter thinks she is about 2 years old now. She is a happy, active piggy who is easy to pet.

Guinea pigs do best with another guinea pig for companionship. For more information about guinea pig care, go to Cavy Spirit.


Update: Pancake is now a companion to Snowball! Congratulations to the happy couple!