Adorable Babies at the Salinas Shelter!

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Drummer, Diggity, and Donnie say “Hello!”

Update: The babies have all been altered now, and are ready to be well-loved members of caring families. Call Robin at Berra Rabbits for more information (831-663-1352).

These oh-so-cute boys are three of the five babies now at Salinas Animal Services. They came in as newborns, brought in by a family who found them and thought their mother had abandoned them. Mother rabbits do not stay with their babies; they only come to the nest once or twice a day to feed them. Berra Rabbits kindly put the tiny kits with one of their lactating mom rabbits, and now they have grown to be the heart stealers you see here!

The shelter needs donations for spaying and neutering these youngsters. If you can help, please contact the shelter.

Darlin’ is one of the two girls of the family.

Please note that these are not wild rabbits, though they were born outside. Their parents were domestic rabbits who were left outside to fend for themselves, and were lucky to have survived long enough to reproduce, in part because their coloring is similar to that of our local wild brush bunnies and blends in with the native vegetation. Bunnies usually do not live long when “set free”, whether in urban or rural areas. They fall prey to cars, dogs, hawks, raccoons, disease, parasites, or just plain starve to death. The ones who are fortunate and find constant sources of food and water in relative safety set up feral colonies, which displace native wildlife, attract predators such as coyotes, and are often a nuisance to humans because of digging, raiding of gardens, and running in front of cars.

This gorgeous little girl is named Dilly!

Please do not even consider abandoning a domestic animal outside to live, or, more likely, die! If you cannot rehome your pet yourself, take her to your local animal shelter (the SPCA of Monterey County accepts owner surrenders for a small fee). This article from House Rabbit Society has tips on finding a good home for your bunny.

Domestic animals, including rabbits, require our ongoing care to live out the healthy, happy lives they deserve. Please only add pets to your family when you can realistically provide them with the appropriate food, shelter, attention, exercise, vet care, and necessary behavioral training they need for their particular species, breed, and individual personalities. Having pets should be a joy for everyone involved- including the animal!

Cookie – Adopted!

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Congratulations to Cookie and her new family!

This friendly little ratty is named Cookie! As soon as you open her cage at the shelter, she comes running to greet you and to see if you have a treat for her!

Rats make wonderful companion animals that bond closely with their human caretakers. For more information about rats, please go to: http://ratguide.com/care/

Cookie is available for adoption through Salinas Animal Services. Her shelter number is: A041502.


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Andre was one of the nine baby bunnies left at Monterey County Animal Services in September of 2007. He had a bad case of vasculitis in his ears when he arrived, and was on medication for several weeks to clear that up (thank you Dr. Davis for saving his life!). He lost the end of his right ear to the disease, but is now a healthy, happy bunny looking forward to a long, active life as part of a loving family.

This blue-eyed boy is fully grown now. He is a quiet boy, not demanding of attention. Andre enjoys having lots of play time to scamper around, and then happily settles in for a good ear rub.

Andre has been neutered and is in foster care at Friendly Farms. Contact us if you would like to get to know this sweetie!



Daiquiri – Adopted!

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Congratulations to Daiquiri and Margie! We hope that you have many wonderful years together!

Lovely Daiquiri is about 8 months old now, we think. She has a sweet disposition and enjoys strokes and soft words. She is a big girl with a fabulous dewlap and a gorgeous agouti coat.

Daiquiri is looking for a loving home where she will be one of the family. She has been spayed and is ready for adoption to a wonderful home. Please contact Salinas Animal Services or Friendly Farms for more information. Her shelter number is: A041478.


Jasper- Adopted!

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Handsome Jasper has gone to his forever home! Many thanks to GeGe and Serge for giving him the love and stability he needs to thrive.

Jasper is an adorable mini-lop boy who loves to be petted! He is looking forward to moving into a home where he will have some room to run and lots of love and affection from his guardians. Because of all that he has been through lately, Jasper is a little unsure of people and needs to regain his confidence. He will do best with adults and older children who will treat him gently and give him lots of quiet attention.

Clifford- Adopted!

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Congratulations to Clifford and his new family!

This handsome rex boy is ready to liven up your life! Clifford is an active and friendly boy who wants to run and explore before having a good meal and an after dinner ear rub. He has been neutered and will be delighted to become part of a caring (and bunny-proofed!) household.

Please contact Monterey County Animal Services or Friendly Farms for more information about Clifford. His shelter number is: A077835.


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Daffodil is a stunning chinchilla-gray rabbit found hopping at large in Salinas. She is a spirited and active girl who wants to be in on all of the action! Daffodil will need to go to a bunny-savvy home because she did not have help in learning proper manners at her previous residence. She has been spayed, and is ready to be welcomed into a loving home where she will have room to explore, affection, and the boundaries she needs to be safe and secure.

Contact us at Friendly Farms for more information about this delightful companion rabbit.