Jane’s Boys

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Seth and Rufus hanging around the food bowl. Is it time for dinner yet?

Update: Amos, Rufus, and Seth have gone to live at Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary! Thank you, Karen, for giving these boys a great lifelong home together!

Lovely Jane came to the shelter pregnant in July. She had her babies, 3 boys and a girl, all Himalayans, in foster care. Jane and her daughter have been adopted, and now it is the boys’ turn to find loving family(s) to call their own!

Handsome Amos.

Amos, Rufus, and Seth are fun little guys who enjoy doing guinea pig things- rumble strutting, wheeking at meal time, scampering around, playing ‘nose-up’ and ‘pig-train’ with each other. Guinea pigs are very social creatures who do best in pairs, trios, families, or herds, so please consider adopting all three!

For more information on guinea pig care, please visit Cavy Spirit. Learn more about Jane’s Boys from Salinas Animal Services, or contact us here at Friendly Farms. The boys have been neutered.


Dollop- Adopted!

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Dollop has gone to his new home! Thank you Irene, and best wishes for many happy years together!

Little Dollop got his name from being just a tiny dollop of bunny when he was rescued by an animal control officer! He has since grown to be a gorgeous young boy with the flowing locks Lionheads are known for.

Dollop enjoys tearing up his telephone book and kicking up his heels. He is a sweet boy who will accept a short cuddle, and he gives kisses to his favorite people. He has been neutered and is ready to become part of a loving family.