Dreamy – Adopted!

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Lovely Dreamy is now a spoiled house bunny with a rabbit friend to pal around with! Congratulations to everyone, and thanks to those who made it possible!

Update: Dreamy has been resting in a foster home in the Bay Area. She is getting ready to begin physical therapy at Scout’s House in Menlo Park. We are very excited that she is getting help with her injured leg. Thank you to Susan and Marcy of SaveABunny and to Scout’s House!

This beautiful girl was found stray, and has been favoring her right front leg at the shelter. The shelter vet thinks she has a dislocation or a fracture, but without x-rays, we don’t know for sure how to help Dreamy. We need donations to get her the medical diagnostics and treatment she requires.

Dreamy is very frightened being injured and at the shelter. She wasn’t eating while she was on the pain medication the shelter vet prescribed for her, so they had to take her off of the meds. Thankfully she is eating her fresh veggies and hay again now.

SaveABunny Rabbit Rescue has agreed to sponsor Dreamy and get her into a medical care foster site. They are in need of donations for her vet bills. Please contribute to her fund if you can. To make your donation tax deductible, make checks payable to “Friends of San Francisco Animal Care and Control”, and in the subject line, be sure to let them know it’s for SaveABunny.

Contact us here at Friendly Farms for more information. We will post updates as donations come in for her x-rays and treatment.


Simone and Carmen

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Update: Carmen is now in foster care at Friendly Farms. Simone has been adopted! Congratulations to her and her new family.

These beautiful young bunny girls came to the shelter together and are likely sisters. Simone is the gorgeous Himalayan on the left, and Carmen is the stunning English Spot on the right. They are about six months old, and enjoy playing together.

Both girls have been spayed and are ready to move into loving homes. Please contact Friendly Farms to learn more about Carmen. She has been spayed and is looking forward to being a well-loved family member in a caring home.

David – Adopted!

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Wonderful David is now part of a loving family! Congratulations!

Update: David is now in foster care in San Leandro. For more information, please contact us here at Friendly Farms.

David is a friendly mini-lop who wants someone to give him lots of love and attention! He settles in when he is being stroked, and takes all of the love you give him.

David also likes to romp and explore. He looks forward to having a secure play area where he can run and jump without worrying about ending up stray again.

For more information about David, please contact Salinas Animal Services or Friendly Farms. His shelter number is: A042306. He has been neutered and is waiting to be part of a loving family.

Divine (Rain)

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Update: Divine (now named Rain) and her babies are now in foster care at Rabbit Haven! Thank you Linda and Heather!

Update: Divine gave birth to 10 babies the night of Jan. 6th. Two didn’t survive, but mom and the other 8 were doing fine. Divine and her babies need to go to foster care or rescue. Contact Salinas Animal Services or Friendly Farms for more information.

Divine perfectly describes this cute little girl! She is a sweet mini-lop who is easy to handle and enjoys having her ears rubbed.

Divine will need to be spayed as a condition of adoption (included in the adoption fee). Please contact Salinas Animal Services or Friendly Farms for more information. Her shelter number is: A042307.


Sylvester- Adopted!

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Sylvester has been adopted! Congratulations to him and his new family!

This big, handsome boy had a little run in with a dog before being brought to the shelter. Thankfully Sylvester only suffered a few minor scratches from the encounter. He is a sweet bunny; as cuddly as he looks. Sylvester will be a great friend to some lucky person. He has been neutered, and his shelter number is: A079158.

For more information about Sylvester, please contact Monterey County Animal Services, or Friendly Farms.