Martina- Adopted!

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Update: Beautiful Martina has been adopted! Best wishes in your new home!

This gorgeous bunny girl was left in the night drop box at the shelter. She is sweet and friendly and loves having her beautiful soft fur stroked and her ears rubbed.

Martina is fully grown; we are guessing she might be about 2 years old now. She is looking for a safe, indoor home, where she will be treasured forever.

Martina has been spayed. Her shelter number is: A079914. For more information, please contact Monterey County Animal Services or Friendly Farms.


Deuce Digalo – Adopted!

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Best wishes to Deuce in his new home!

This cute little boy is a real sweetheart! Deuce does not mind being held for a short time, and enjoys being petted.

Deuce is still a teenager, maybe 5 months old now. He has been neutered and seems interested in having a bunny friend to play and snuggle with.

Contact Salinas Animal Services or Friendly Farms for more information on Deuce. His shelter number is: A042577.


Dagne- Adopted!

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Dagne has been adopted! Congratulations to her and her new family! May you have a lifetime of happy times together!

This lovely English Spot mix girl loves to be the center of attention! She doesn’t like being left out when things are happening, and insists on being part of the action!

Dagne is still a youngster; about 6 months old we think. She has been spayed and is looking forward to being part of a family who will make room in their lives (and bunny-proof their home!) for a fun-loving girl!

For more information about Dagne, please contact Salinas Animal Services or Friendly Farms. Dagne’s shelter number is: A042501.