Seymour – Adopted!

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Update Jan. 25, 2009: Seymour has been adopted! He now has 2 lovely girlfriends as well as a wonderful caring family! May you all have many happy years together!

Update May 6, 2008: Seymour looks very handsome now that he has his beautiful new coat! Contact us here at Friendly Farms if you are interested in adopting this wonderful boy!


Update: Seymour had his first surgery on March 11th. His lower incisors were removed, but his upper ones had been worn to nubs and the vet wants them to grow out some before attempting to remove them. Seymour is doing well and should be ready for his second (and hopefully last!) surgery in a couple of weeks. And we will need about another $100 to cover his costs! A great big “THANK YOU!” to everyone who donated to make Seymour’s first surgery possible.

Update: We are almost there, but we still need $125 to cover Seymour’s vet bills. Please call the Avian and Exotic Clinic at 831-647-1147 and donate to Seymour’s Tooth Fund, or contact us if you can help!

Update: Seymour’s dental exam showed that he has a severe malocclusion, necessitating incisor removal. His vet costs will total about $350. We would like to get his surgery done in early March, but cannot until we have donations to pay for his procedure. Can you help Seymour make this next step from neglect and abandonment to a new life where he will be loved by a caring family? Please contact us here at Friendly Farms, or you can donate directly to Seymour’s Tooth Fund at the Avian and Exotic Clinic of the Monterey Peninsula. They can accept a credit card over the phone or a check by mail.


Okay, so I look a little funny right now! I was living with other unneutered boy bunnies at my old home, and we did a lot of what unneutered bunny boys like to do- sprayed urine on each other! But my fur will be white and beautiful again once I lose my winter coat, which shouldn’t be long now!

I was found living in some bushes next to a drainage ditch in Salinas. It wasn’t much of a life- I was hungry and scared when the kind woman whose home I am staying at talked me into getting into a carrier! Thankfully I am safe now and getting lots of good food and rest. It is hard to sleep well when you can hear raccoons and dogs and other predators close by and are afraid for your life!

I also have some sore patches on my feet from sitting in a wire-floored cage at my old home. They should heal quickly now that I have soft, clean towels to sit on. I am going to see the vet again soon to make sure that my teeth are in good shape, and I will let you know how that turns out.

I have mixed feelings about this rescued rabbit stuff- I mean, I really could have done without the neuter surgery! But the woman who is fostering me says it will help me to get a wonderful forever home. I am already getting good with my litter box, and I like nothing more than for someone to pet me and tell me what a great guy I am.

I am still new to this fresh vegetable stuff too, but I am learning to try new things. Apples are pretty darn good, and dandelion greens are okay. And I promise to be a really good boy if you don’t make me eat any of that yukky broccoli! Blech!

If you are interested in giving Seymour the safe, indoor home he deserves for the rest of his life, please contact Friendly Farms for more information.


Flower and Cleo- Adopted!

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Flower and Cleo have been adopted! Congratulations to them and their new family! We wish you many happy years together!

Flower and Cleo are the last two bunnies left at the shelter of the nine babies that were dropped off in September. These lovely sisters are fully grown now, but still enjoy each other’s company. It is heart-warming to watch them snuggling together. They look forward to being welcomed into a loving, indoor home where they will have lots of room to kick up their heels and play.

Cleo would prefer to go to a home without dogs, and Flower agrees, because she wants to go home with Cleo! We recommend at least a 30″ high pen for them, because Cleo enjoys exploring and has been found entertaining herself outside of her 24″ pen at the shelter in the mornings. Flower is more of a stay at home type, but still likes to stretch her legs with a good run everyday. Both girls have been spayed.

For more information about Flower and Cleo, please contact Monterey County Animal Services, where their shelter numbers are: A077242 (Flower) and A077634 (Cleo), or Friendly Farms.


It’s Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month!

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Deuce Digalo is ready to put on his jacket and head home with a loving family! He can be found charming staff and visitors alike at Salinas Animal Services.

February is Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month, and we are looking forward to more great adoptions of our shelter and rescue bunnies into wonderful homes! Browse our Adoptables page and fall in love with at least one of the beautiful homeless bunnies awaiting a new life with a caring family!

Are you still new to the idea of living with a house rabbit? Check out House Rabbit Society’s information pages and learn all about these adorable companion animals!

Be sure to visit our February adoption event at Stone’s Pet Shop in Pacific Grove! We will be available to answer questions or trim your bunny’s nails, and we will also have some shelter bunnies who are looking for lifelong homes.

Spot, Freddie, and their mom, Sarah, are happy to be rescued rabbits! Sarah was a pregnant teenager when she was abandoned outside in the winter of 2000. Thankfully she found her way here to Friendly Farms, where she had her babies in safety. They are permanent, well-loved members of our family.

Want to help the bunnies, but can’t adopt? Monetary donations are always gratefully accepted to pay for life-saving surgeries, spays and neuters, housing, litter, food, and more. We can also use donations of towels and other linens, toys (stuffed animals, hard plastic throw toys), chewables (apple tree twigs from unsprayed trees, plain wicker, bamboo, or grapevine baskets) and food and water crocks. Contact us for more information.

Our local shelters also need experienced rabbit people to volunteer with the bunnies, socializing and cleaning cages. If you love to interact with rabbits, this is the perfect job for you! Computer savvy volunteers are also needed for posting digital pictures to Petfinder and other websites. Contact Nicole at Monterey County Animal Services or Rayne at Salinas Animal Services for more information on how to become a Bunny Buddy volunteer!

We hope that your February includes somebunny to love and love you in return, and is bunderful in so many other ways!