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Update: Sweet Oliver has fallen for beautiful Diana, one of our sanctuary rabbits, and they are a bonded couple! They are now both sanctuary bunnies, and will be cared for for the rest of their lives.

Update, May 20: Oliver has healed completely now, and has had his neuter surgery. He is available for adoption to a loving family who wants a fun and energetic bunny! Please contact us for more information.

Hello! My name is Oliver, and I would like nothing more than to come out and play! My foster mom says I still have a lot of healing to do though, so I have to play quietly by myself for awhile yet!

I was found stray and came to the shelter with a huge lump on my side! The vet says it looks like a cat bit me twice, and the wounds got infected. She took 3 cups of pus out of those wounds the first day!

Lots of times young bunny boys like me who aren’t neutered get into trouble with cats because we want a girlfriend really bad, and if a girl bunny isn’t around, we go after the cat! All our humans have to do is take us to the vet and get us neutered when we are 3 or 4 months old, and it saves us all a lot of headaches! And we are better with a litter box once we are neutered as well!

The shelter asked Friendly Farms if they would help me, and so I visited their vet last week and had surgery to remove my abscesses. One of them was very deep and had to be left open so it can be flushed out everyday. The flushing is not fun, and I don’t like the medicine I have to take everyday one bit, but I am okay with the hot compresses and all of the kisses and strokes I get for being such a good sweet boy!

I really want to run and play like young bunnies like me love to! Can you help by making a donation to the Friendly Farms medical fund? They cannot rescue hurt bunnies like me without your assistance! Please contact the Avian and Exotic Clinic to donate, and tell them Oliver sent you!

Oliver will be ready for adoption once his wounds have healed and he has been neutered. For more information, please contact us at Friendly Farms.