Babies, babies, babies!

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Melinda and one of her darling babies share some veggies.

Melinda came to Friendly Farms in late May from the Salinas shelter. She delivered her babies 3 days later, and those furry little bundles of joy are growing fast!

We will have Melinda and her six babies at our adoption event at the Sand City Petsmart on July 12th. They will be available for adoption on the 19th. If you have been thinking of adding some rabbity fun to your family, this will be your chance to see if a baby bunny or two is right for your household!

Melinda and her babies are being sponsored by Animal Friends Rescue Project. Please contact Kelly at Posh Pets or Friendly Farms for more information.


The Salinas Shelter is Hopping with Bunnies!

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Demetri says, “Hey, look at how cute I am! Please pet me! Take me home! I want to be your bestest bunny buddy!”

Salinas Animal Services is being inundated with bunnies this spring! First it was a family of five dropped off, and then some other rabbits were found stray, and now ten have come in who were abandoned in a backyard by a family who lost their home!

Please help! If you have been thinking about adopting or fostering a shelter bunny or three, WE NEED YOU NOW! The shelter is open from noon until 5 pm, Tuesday through Saturday. It is located at 144 Hitchcock Road, just south of Salinas, off of highway 68. Salinas Animal Services is the second shelter, on the left.

Donations can be made to the shelter (earmark for the rabbits) or to the Friendly Farms Medical Fund at the Avian and Exotic Clinic of the Monterey Peninsula. Contact us for more information.

Update 6/16/08: The bunnies abandoned at the foreclosed property continued to show health problems and the shelter made the difficult decision to euthanize them.

These were ‘backyard bunnies’, left outside without adequate food or care. They all had parasites and diseases from malnutrition, exposure, and unclean living conditions. None of them were spayed or neutered, so they bred at will, bringing more babies into the cycle of neglect and disregard.

What can you do to help? Make sure that your animals are well cared for, with proper food, clean water, exercise, socialization, clean and adequate shelter, and vet care. If you see animals who aren’t being cared for properly, talk to their guardians and give them referrals and information. Call your local animal control (Monterey County residents can contact Humane Investigations at the SPCA) for help in handling serious, on-going neglect or abuse of animals. The ASPCA has an information page about animal cruelty.

We here at Friendly Farms look forward to a day when all animals are treated with care and compassion by their guardians, and when shelters and rescue groups have the support and resources they need to assist every animal that comes to them. We welcome your joining us in our animal advocacy.


Dart – Adopted!

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Sweet Dart has gone to his forever home! Wishing him and his new family many wonderful years together!

I am one of the most laid back bunnies you’ll ever have the pleasure to meet. I’m sweet as can be and easy to care for. I like to go out and stretch my legs a bit, and then, on my own, return to my pen for a quick treat and a relaxing nap. I am okay with cats, and I like to be held and kissed. I’m also very tidy with my potty box. What more could you want?

Dart is being sponsored by Animal Friends Rescue Project. He has been neutered. Call Kelly at Posh Pets for more information, or contact us here at Friendly Farms.

Dusty – Adopted!

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Congratulations to Dusty and his girlfriend Basil! May you enjoy each other and your new family for many happy years!

I am an independent, free-spirited sort of bunny boy! I love to run and dig, and will rattle my pen when I want you to let me out! Even so, I am very neat and tidy with my litter box.

Once I know that you are a nice person, I will let you pet me. I also like other bunnies. Do you have a lonely girl who would like to meet a handsome boy like me?

If you are ready to have some hoppin’ good times, let’s make a date to meet soon!

Dusty has been neutered. He is being sponsored by Animal Friends Rescue Project. Please call Kelly at Posh Pets for more information, or contact us here at Friendly Farms.

Drey – Adopted!

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Drey is now living the house rabbit good life with her new family! Congratulations to all of you!

I may come across as shy and meek at first, but there is a lively little side of me I will let you see once I adapt to my new surroundings. I have been spayed now, and I am perfect with my litterbox!

I get scared rather easily, so I would prefer a quiet home. But I do like to explore, and hope someone out there will give me a loving home so that I can blossom at my own pace.

Drey is being sponsored by Animal Friends Rescue Project. Contact Kelly at Posh Pets or Friendly Farms if you would like to meet wonderful Drey.

Louie (was Brutis) – Adopted!

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Congratulations to Louie and his new family! May you have many happy years together!

Love me, Love me, Love me!

I want company, love and attention. PLEASE don’t leave me alone!

I want to be held and kissed and will love you in return. I like cats and a small garden to explore. I am very good with my potty box, and I love to help clean! My foster mom gets the vacuum hose out and I get so excited!

Louie is being sponsored by Animal Friends Rescue Project. Contact us here at Friendly Farms, or Kelly at Posh Pets, for more information. Louie has been neutered.