Jasmine – Adopted!

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Update 6/1/09: Jasmine has been adopted! She is now snuggle bunnies with Finnegan and their human family. Best wishes to everyone!

Update 3/6/09: Jasmine is now in foster care and being sponsored by Animal Friends Rescue Project. Contact Friendly Farms or Kelly of Posh Pets for more information.

Jasmine has been spayed and is ready to be adopted into a caring home where she will be safe and loved for the rest of her life.

Jasmine is a lovely little flower still hidden under the grime of her former life. This blue eyed beauty will blossom once she is in a loving home: her fluffy, white new coat will grow in, she will gain confidence, and her true personality will shine through. We have seen this time and time again with the poor little bunnies who come into the shelter looking so bedraggled and feeling so forlorn.

Jasmine is still a youngster; maybe 6 months old. She will need to be spayed as a condition of adoption (included in the adoption fee). Contact Monterey County Animal Services or Friendly Farms for more information about Jasmine. Her shelter number is: A088551.


Dazzle – Adopted!

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Update 2/15/09: Dazzle has been adopted! A loving family has taken on the responsibility of giving him the medical care he needs to have a long, healthy life together with them. Best wishes to all of you!

Dazzle is a darling little Jersey Wooly boy. You can see from his picture that something isn’t quite right with his front teeth; he has maloccluded incisors.

Dazzle will need a special home where he will be taken to the vet every month or so to have his incisors trimmed, or, alternatively, he can have the teeth removed. This extraction surgery is very common and results in the rabbit only needing well-bunny checkups twice a year at the vet instead of regular tooth trims.

Rabbits who have had their incisors extracted need their hard vegetables chopped into small pieces and larger leaves torn up some, but can usually handle hay, pellets, and most greens just fine. They make excellent house pets because they cannot nibble on the furniture or baseboards like many bunnies are tempted to do!

If you would like to help Dazzle get his incisor extraction surgery, you can donate to the Friendly Farms Medical Fund at the Avian and Exotic Clinic of the Monterey Peninsula. We are hoping to raise enough money for the procedure before he needs another tooth trim.

Contact Friendly Farms or Salinas Animal Services for more information about Dazzle. His shelter number is: A049122. He has been neutered.


Diggs – Adopted!

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Update 3/23/09: Diggs has been adopted! May he and his new family have many happy years together!

Update 2/17/09: Diggs is now being sponsored by Animal Friends Rescue Project. He can be visited at Posh Pets in Pacific Grove, or contact Kelly for more information.

Well, aren’t I just the cutest boy around? My name is Diggs. I’m not sure why I am at the shelter instead of being attended to by an adoring family, but I am ready to hop on over to a new home where I will be loved and cared for, forever this time, please!

If that home is yours, let them know at Salinas Animal Services that you will be coming to pick me up shortly. My shelter number is: A048955. Or you can contact Friendly Farms to find out more about me. See you soon!