Petunia – Adopted!

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Many good wishes to Petunia for a long, happy, healthy life in her new home!

This cute little girl is a sweetheart! Petunia is a bit shy when you first meet her, but soon warms up to being stroked and cuddled. She appears to be about a year old.

Like all guinea pigs, Petunia needs a safe, clean, and roomy space to call her own, and daily exercise and attention. She will require plenty of high quality grass hay, such as timothy, available at all times for her to munch on, and fresh greens to eat, including a source of vitamin C everyday.

She has been vet checked at the shelter, and her adopter will receive a card for a free vet exam at the Avian and Exotic Clinic.

Guinea pigs are very social animals, and having a compatible pair keeps them from being lonely when you are not home. A neutered male with a female is often a successful pairing. The male cannot be put with the female right after his neuter surgery, however, as he will remain fertile for up to 4 weeks.

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Please contact Salinas Animal Services or Friendly Farms to learn more about Petunia. Her shelter number is: A050273


Helen (was Alexis) – Adopted!

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Best wishes to Helen in her new home! Her new family is very lucky to have such a sweet bunny!

Helen is a lovely gray bunny girl with a friendly disposition. She enjoys attention and knows that letting humans rub her ears is good for reducing stress for everyone involved!

She had a mild case of ear mites when she arrived at the shelter, but that has been taken care of now by the shelter staff, and she is looking forward to moving into her forever home.

Helen has been spayed and is ready to go home with her new family. She is currently living at Monterey County Animal Services, where her shelter number is: A089442. Please contact the shelter or Friendly Farms for more information about this sweet girl.

Snowy – Adopted!

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Update 5/27/09: Snowy has been adopted! May he and his new friends have many years of happiness together!

Hello! I am a very handsome pure white bunny boy who is looking for a new home! My current parents would LOVE to keep me, because I am such a wonderful rabbit (that’s really what they say- go ahead and ask them!), but their other bunnies don’t like me, and we all get upset when they chase and bite me.

I am a loving boy who enjoys people and always wants to be in on the goings on of the household. I will hang out with you and watch TV or keep you company while you do the housework.

An exercise pen is okay for me when you are not around, but I need a family who will let me spend most of my time out with them. I am great with my litter box and have already been neutered.

If you have a lonely bunny girl, maybe we can try a date to see if we like each other! I am three years old now, and ready to settle down and enjoy married life.

Let them know at Friendly Farms if you want to meet me, and they will make arrangements with my parents. Below is a picture of me washing my face in anticipation of making some new friends!