Introducing: The Garden Gang!

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We had our first rabbit round up at the school in Salinas last night. We were able to catch 4 of the 5 bunnies who have been enjoying the school garden as their personal nightly dinner buffet. Two of the bunnies are adults, and probably the parents of the two juveniles. All of the rabbits are small; around 4 lbs. for the boys, maybe 4 1/2 for Lavender.

We are pleased to introduce to you:



Update 9/20/09: Sage has been bonded with Donna, one of our sanctuary bunnies, and will live out his life here at Friendly Farms.

Update 6/7/09: Sage has been neutered and is ready to go home with a loving family. He would especially enjoy living with a compatible bunny girlfriend. Contact us here at Friendly Farms if you would like to meet Sage.

Sage is an adult male who is self-assured around humans. He may have been someone’s pet bunny at one time. He is very intelligent and quick, making him a difficult bunny to catch, which is surely how he managed to stay alive living on his own. Sage is likely to be the father of Thyme and Basil.



Update 5/25/09: Lavender and Thyme have had their spay and neuter surgeries now, and are healing quickly. They are doing well with their litter box training, and are ready to move into a loving home! Contact us here at Friendly Farms if you are interested in adopting this charming pair.

Lavender is the lovely agouti girl on the left. She may be the mother of Thyme and Basil. She is not used to living with humans and is slowly learning to trust that hands can mean gentle strokes and good food.

Thyme is a young male, about 4 months old. He is also unused to human attention, and stays close to Lavender when people are around. He will need a quiet, safe home to become trusting.



Update 9/20/09: Basil has been bonded with Dailey, one of our sanctuary bunnies, and is now a permanent resident of Friendly Farms.

Update 6/7/09: Basil has also been neutered now, and looking forward to moving into a forever home. He and the rest the Garden Gang are now used to living the house rabbit life, and enjoy taking ear rubs and getting their parsley and dandelion greens from human hands.

Basil is also a shy little boy, and most likely Thyme’s brother. He is spending a lot of time trying to make himself invisible right now, but he is quick to come out when fresh veggies are left in his cage. An apple or banana slice everyday will do a lot towards earning his trust!

Contact us here at Friendly Farms if you would like to adopt one or more of these wonderful rabbits. Donations towards their spay or neuters and other medical needs can be made to the Friendly Farms Medical Fund at the Avian and Exotic Clinic of the Monterey Peninsula.

A big thank you to Jessica, Farrah, Suzanne, and all of the other helpers we had at the round up! We appreciate your commitment to helping these bunnies move on to safe, loving homes.


Abigail – Adopted!

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Lovely Abigail has been adopted! Congratulations to her and her new family!

Abigail is an energetic girl who enjoys spending her days redecorating and rearranging. She is a little shy until she knows that you have come to pet her, and then she happily settles in for a good, long session.

Abigail will need to be spayed before she goes home with her new family (included in the adoption fee). She is currently living at Monterey County Animal Services, where her shelter number is: A090011. Contact the shelter or Friendly Farms if you would like to know more about this darling bunny.

Pearl – Adopted!

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Update 7/05/09: Pearl and Lenny have found love together and are now happy house bunnies! Congratulations to all!

Update 5/26/09: Precious Pearl has recovered from her spay surgery and is now awaiting the wonderful family who will see what a special girl she is at Posh Pets in Pacific Grove.

I am a lonely little girl who has been through a lot lately. I was taken from my home to a place with lots of hustle and bustle, with many people and dogs and cats. I was terrified and I hid as best I could. I even nipped some of the people reaching in my cage to get them to go away because I was so afraid that they would hurt me!

Now I am living in a quiet foster home. There are no dogs here, and lots of other bunnies around, so I feel much more secure, and ask for petting all of the time. I haven’t even once thought about nipping! But it is still not like having a forever home. Won’t you please give me the love and security I need and be my lifelong friend? I have a fun personality, and will brighten up your day with my charm and good looks!

Pearl’s spay surgery is scheduled for May 12, after which she will be available for adoption through Animal Friends Rescue Project and Posh Pets. She needs a home without dogs. Pearl likes other bunnies and would enjoy being bonded to a compatible rabbit friend after she has healed from her surgery. Call Julie or Kelly at 831-375-7383 for more information about this precious girl, or contact us here at Friendly Farms.


School Rescue – Donations Needed!

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Friendly Farms is currently assisting some bunnies who have taken up residence at a school in Salinas. We need donations for spaying and neutering these rabbits before they go to their forever homes. If you would like to help, please send contributions to the Friendly Farms Medical Fund at the Avian and Exotic Clinic of the Monterey Peninsula. They can take your credit card number over the phone, or a check sent by mail.

We will introduce the bunnies as we are able to catch them. Stay tuned!