Winnie – Adopted!

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Update 1/26/10: Lovely Winnie has been adopted! She has a new guinea pig boyfriend now, named Tommy, and several guinea pig and rabbit neighbors to keep things interesting when her humans aren’t around. Best wishes to her in her wonderful new home! Thank you, Jan!

Winnie is a friendly guinea pig girl with a lovely white blaze on her nose. She was being sold as snake food, but a kind woman saved her from that fate and asked Friendly Farms to find her a loving home where she will be a treasured member of the family.

Winnie likes to call the shots with other guinea pigs, so she would likely do best paired with a neutered male. She runs with our main cavy herd during the day, but sleeps in her own space at night so she and the other girls don’t fight. Winnie gets along fine with rabbits, given lots of room.

Contact us here at Friendly Farms if you would like to meet this darling girl. For more information about living with guinea pigs, visit Cavy Spirit and Guinea Lynx.


Marcus – Adopted!

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Marcus has gone home with his new family! Best wishes to everyone!

Marcus is a sweet young bunny boy, still growing into those big ears. He is looking forward to being a house rabbit and best pals with some lucky humans. And having a bunny friend would just make it all even better! Do you have a lonely rabbit who might like a cute buddy?

Marcus is currently living at Monterey County Animal Services. His shelter number is: A090387. He has been neutered. If you would like to meet Marcus, contact the shelter or Friendly Farms.


Rex – Adopted!

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Update 10/5/10: Rex has been adopted! Best wishes to him and his terrific family!

Rex is a beautiful all black mixed breed bunny with wonderful helicopter ears. He was found on a hiking trail, but seems right at home as a house rabbit. He is very gentle and has no problems with being handled.

Rex would do very well in a home with loving children who are gentle with him and handle him correctly. He loves running, jumping, and exploring dark places. Rex is a little overweight, so he needs a family who is willing to give him lots of running around time, and who will also help him to eat extra healthy.

To meet this sweet bunny boy, contact Friendly Farms. Rex has been neutered and is litter box trained. As with all Friendly Farms rabbits, his new family will receive a card for a free vet exam for him at the Avian and Exotic Clinic of the Monterey Peninsula.



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Update 7/31/09: Duet is now living at Posh Pets in Pacific Grove and being sponsored by AFRP. Visit her there any day, or contact Kelly for more information about this lovely girl.

This pretty girl is looking for someone to partner with her in all kinds of bunny fun! Duet is a sweet English spot girl patiently waiting at the shelter for that perfect someone to come along and make her their lifelong companion.

Duet enjoys the usual things a young bunny likes: a safe home, room to romp, some toys to chew on and throw, fresh greens daily, and unlimited high quality timothy hay for munching. And, of course, lots of love and attention from her human friend!

Duet is housed at Salinas Animal Services, where her shelter number is: A051413. For more information about this great rabbit, contact Friendly Farms or the shelter.


Dice (now Rudy)

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Update 7/27/09: Dice is now being sponsored by AFRP! For more information about this handsome boy, contact Kelly at Posh Pets.

Dice is an angry young bun! He’s not saying what happened before he came to the shelter, but he is not happy with humans these days. Of course, underneath that defensive exterior is a lonely, hurting little boy who just needs love and a safe and understanding home.

Dice needs an experienced rabbit lover who can help him get over his past and become a happy bunny again. Can you let this needy boy into your heart and home for the healing he needs?

Dice has been neutered and is living at Salinas Animal Services. His shelter number is: A051482. Contact the shelter or Friendly Farms for more information on this special boy.


Dazzle (2) – Adopted!

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Sweet Dazzle has been adopted! Congratulations to her and her new family!

Dazzle is a lovely English spot mix girl. She is very friendly, always happy to take strokes from people, and hoping her forever family will show up soon to take her home. Dazzle looks forward to living in a bunny-proofed house so she can always feel safe and secure in just being herself.

Dazzle is waiting at Salinas Animal Services, where her shelter number is: A051574. Contact the shelter or Friendly Farms for more information about this wonderful girl. Dazzle has been spayed.



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Update 8/06/09: Lovely Sabrina is now waiting for a terrific family to adopt her at Posh Pets in Pacific Grove. For more information, call Kelly or Julie at 375-PETS.

Sabrina is a very pretty Californian mix girl (just look at those beautiful big feet!) She loves to run and dig and turn her wicker baskets into toothpicks.

This active girl is looking for a loving home where she will have lots of room to play, and a large and secure indoor pen for when you are not able to supervise her. A 30″ high eight-panel puppy exercise pen works great, and can be found at most pet stores.


Do you like to have companionship while doing the chores? Sabrina would be happy to help you, as only a rabbit can, and with the gardening too, if you have a bunny-safe yard where she can join you!


Sabrina is currently living at Salinas Animal Services, where her shelter number is: A051592. She has been spayed. For more information, please contact the shelter, or Friendly Farms.