Rooster Rehab @ Friendly Farms

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Paco the Rooster

Update 11/10/09: Paco has moved outside with the flock again. We miss his cheerful presence in the house, but we do sleep better without the crowing at 3:30 am.


Update 10/23/09: Paco has finished his meds and is now spending his days outside with the rest of the flock. He still likes to come inside to sleep at night, however, so we have left his carrier set up in the living room for him. He walks in just as it is getting dark, has a good snooze, gets up to eat a few times during the night, and then heads out again in the morning.


Update 10/15/09: Paco is spending most of his time hanging out in the living room now. He has started eating on his own, and has several good crowing sessions each day. No, the bunnies don’t appreciate his vocal talents!

Paco has a vet appointment today. Fingers crossed that he is still on track to be back with the rest of the flock next Tues.

At Friendly Farms, there is a flock of about twenty feral chickens living in the area. When we moved in, they lived primarily at the neighbors. When the neighbors moved out and new folks moved in, the chickens didn’t appreciate the new dog and so they moved over to our side of the fence. This flock sleeps in a large ivy bush adjacent to the house and does a great job eradicating the snails and bugs they encounter. Our earwig population has taken a big dive with these birds on the job!

So, on Saturday, this guy comes up to our front door and lets us know he isn’t feeling so well. In fact he lay down in front of the steps and was just too weak to deal with us, the potential predators. So Lori & I sprang into action.

Do you know how difficult it is to find a chicken doctor on a Saturday afternoon? We called several locations in Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Santa Clara counties. Saturday afternoon is not the best time to find a specialist in this field! Our good friend Mia came to the rescue with the suggestion to call East Lake Animal Clinic in Watsonville. Dr. Casper was on duty, and he quickly sized up the situation. Paco was given a thorough exam and given a hopeful prognosis. The poor guy is carrying around a lot of fluid in his lower air sac and needs R & R as well as antibiotics to set him straight.

For the next eight or so days, Paco is a house guest here at the farm. He is living in a large carrier in our living room. The bunnies have gotten used to his presence and he hasn’t caused much of a stir – yet (he did start crowing this morning). He is being fed through a feeding tube twice daily. Lori makes up a tasty mash of strained veggies mixed with Exact baby bird feed. He also gets his meds (Baytril) with the mix. Here you see him out for a quick stroll. He has been making one pass around the living room and then he goes back to sleep. Please send your good wishes for Paco’s speedy recovery. We’ll keep you posted on how it goes!



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Update 2/5/10: Diamond is now being sponsored by Animal Friends Rescue Project. Contact Kelly at Posh Pets for more information about this lovely little girl.

Who are you? What do you want? Do you know how big and scary you look to me? I have not had a lot of time with humans, so I do not know yet that being friends with you is a good thing. I need a patient person to spend time sitting quietly with me so that I can learn to trust. Are you an experienced bunny whisperer who enjoys watching frightened rabbits like me blossom, once we have the security and gentle affection we need to thrive? If so, I need you!

Pretty Diamond is waiting at Salinas Animal Services for that special person who can help her to shine. She has been spayed. Her shelter number is: A053511. Contact the shelter or Friendly Farms for more information.

Frida (aka Clover) – Adopted!

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Update 2/5/10: Lovely Clover has been adopted! Many good wishes to her and her new family!

Frida is a pretty bunny with lovely dark eyes and eyeliner. She has a wonderful mysterious air to her; she may come over to see what you want, or she may just continue her sunbath. She enjoys having her ears rubbed, and a new toy, such as a folded newspaper tent, will get her hopping!


This special lady will need to be spayed before going home with her new family (included in the shelter adoption fee). Visit her at Monterey County Animal Services, where her shelter number is: A093121. Or contact Friendly Farms for more information.


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Update: Deville is now being sponsored by AFRP and living at Posh Pets in Pacific Grove. Call the shop at 831-375-7387, or contact Kelly for more information.

Deville is a charming young bunny boy, just getting ready to become a ‘teenager’. He still has the darling fluffy fur of a baby, but his limbs are lengthening and he is starting to get that mischievous look in his eye!

Deville loves to play, like all young rabbits, and enjoys lots of attention from his human companions. Curious and friendly, he comes right to the cage door to meet you and ask for strokes!

Deville is currently living at Salinas Animal Services, where his shelter number is: A053302. He will need to be neutered as a condition of adoption (included in the shelter adoption fee). For more information on this sweetheart, contact the shelter, or Friendly Farms.