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Update from Save A Bunny: 4/1/11 Gentle Gavin went to the bunny rainbow bridge today and we will miss him. He developed a large mass on his back that was not operable because it was deeply connected to a network in his body. He was in pain and suffering, so we made the choice to have him humanely euthanized while he was still under anesthesia from exploratory surgery.

Good-bye little man and may you run through fields of clover in bunny heaven.

Update 4/19/10: Sweet Gavin is now living at SaveABunny in Mill Valley (Marin County). Contact Marcy for more information on this darling boy.

Gavin is a friendly little boy who was abandoned in a field with his friend Trudy. He loves to be petted and told how handsome he is, and he is looking forward to kicking up his heels in a new home soon!

Like all bunnies, Gavin needs a clean, quiet place to sleep and play when no one is around to watch him, and then room to run and explore safely when someone is home to supervise. Grass hay and green, leafy vegetables provided fresh daily will keep him healthy, and loving companionship will make him a happy bunny! Visit the House Rabbit Society website for lots of great information on caring for your rabbit.

Gavin is being housed at Monterey County Animal Services. He will need to be neutered before going home with his new family (included in the shelter adoption fee). Contact the shelter or Friendly Farms for more information about this darling rabbit. His shelter id number is: A096004.


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Update 4/14/10: Trudy is now being sponsored by Animal Friends Rescue Project. For more information about this lovely girl, please contact Kelly at Posh Pets.

Hello! I am a sweet bunny girl, medium-sized, who enjoys being petted. I was left out in a field with my friend Gavin. Pet bunnies like us can’t live free like that- we need humans to take care of us- so it is a good thing that we ended up at the shelter where we can rest and wait for a new family to give us a good home.

Bunnies are very social, and like to be in on the activities of our families (the quiet playing kind of activities, not the running, jumping, screaming ones!) Setting up a pen for me in a family room and then letting me run free when someone is home to watch and make sure I don’t get into trouble works out great for everyone! Here is an article on bunny-proofing your home to help you get started if you have not lived with rabbits before.

Trudy will need to be spayed before going home with her new family (included in the shelter adoption fee). She is currently living at Monterey County Animal Services, where her id number is: A096005. Contact the shelter or Friendly Farms for more information.


Lucas – Adopted!

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Update 2/19/10: Lucas has gone home with some very fortunate humans! May they all have many happy years together!

Poor Lucas was running loose for several weeks before someone was able to catch him and get him to the safety of the shelter! He is a lucky boy to have survived his ordeal. Most pet rabbits that end up stray do not live very long- they become a predator’s dinner.

Lucas was a well-loved companion to someone before his outdoor adventure, as evidenced by his great litter box habits and the way he settles in to enjoy being stroked. His fur was a matted mess (he is an American fuzzy lop) so he was scheduled for a shave by the shelter vet today. His fur will grow back soft and beautiful, and he will need to be groomed regularly to keep it that way.

Lucas has been neutered. He is looking for an indoor home where he will have plenty of room to run and lots of interactions with his new family.

Lucas is currently living at Monterey County Animal Services, where his shelter number is: A095715. Stop by the shelter to visit him, or contact us here at Friendly Farms for more information about this sweet boy.


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Update 4/9/10- Cadbury is now living at Friendly Farms! He and lovely Angel have hit it off, and are sharing a pen, meals, and cuddles. Her seizures do not bother him, and she enjoys his sweet bunny kisses, especially on her ears!

Handsome Cadbury is a friendly boy who already knows all about being a house bunny. He is very sweet and loves to be petted.

Cadbury is looking forward to hanging out with a new family who will bunny proof some rooms for him so he can be in on all of the action. He has been neutered and is good with his litter box.

Cadbury can be met Tues. – Sat., noon until 5 pm at Salinas Animal Services. His shelter number is: A054901. Contact the shelter or Friendly Farms for more information about this great rabbit.