Frenchie – Adopted!

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Update 4/2/10: Frenchie has been adopted! May she have many wonderful years with her new family!

Frenchie is a gorgeous mini-lop girl. She is a bit shy with humans, and needs someone who will be consistently gentle and loving, and spending lots of quiet time sitting with her at first, so she can learn to trust.

Like all rabbits, Frenchie needs a safe, bunny-proofed home, with her very own space in a quiet corner of a room her family spends a lot of time in. Many people build their own rabbit condos from inexpensive shelving that can be found at most large department stores. Others use puppy exercise pens. A roomy cage can also be a good choice, as long as bunny gets plenty of running around time.

Frenchie will need to be spayed before going home with her new family (included in the shelter adoption fee). Her shelter number is: A056055 at Salinas Animal Services. Contact the shelter or Friendly Farms to learn more about this darling girl.

Fuzzy Cheeks

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Update 4/2/10: Fuzzy Cheeks is now being sponsored by Animal Friends Rescue Project. Please contact Kelly at Posh Pets for more information.

Aren’t I a pretty girl? I like it when you stroke my forehead and rub the base of my ears. I can hardly wait until I have my own people to give me lots of love, a nice quiet corner for my bed and toys, and a bunny-proofed house, safe for exploring.

I am a lionhead/lop mix. Lionheads are a popular breed right now, so there are lots of bunnies like me being bred these days. We need some extra help with grooming the longer fur we have around our faces and necks so it doesn’t get matted. If you want to be my friend and guardian, please make sure you have time in your schedule for either grooming me yourself, or for taking me to Friendly Farms’ Spa Days often so they can make sure I stay lovely and comfortable.

Fuzzy Cheeks will need to be spayed as a condition of adoption (included in the shelter adoption fee). Contact Salinas Animal Services to learn more about her, or email us here at Friendly Farms. Fuzzy Cheeks’ shelter number is: A056054.


Dapple (II)

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Update 4/2/10: Dapple is now being sponsored by Rabbit Haven. Contact Heather for more information.

Dapple is a very friendly girl who loves to be petted. She comes right to the cage door to make sure she gets lots of strokes when you visit with her at the shelter.

Bunnies with long-haired coats like hers need help keeping their fur from becoming matted. Unfortunately, Dapple did not have grooming assistance before she ended up at the shelter, so she is going to have all of her matted fur shaved off by the vet. If you would like to spend lots of one-on-one time with your bunny, gently brushing her and untangling mats with your fingers, Dapple is the girl for you!

Dapple has been spayed. She is currently living at Salinas Animal Services, where her shelter number is: A055929. Contact the shelter or Friendly Farms for more information about adopting this gorgeous bunny.