Claire de Lune

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Update 3/25/11: Claire has been bonded with Peter and Deanna and is now a permanent resident of Friendly Farms.

Deanna, Claire and Peter sharing a bowl of pellets.

Claire showed up in our driveway on a lovely full moon night in April (clair de lune means ‘moonlight’). We called in a found animal report to Monterey County Animal Services in case someone was looking for her, but no one contacted them, so after 30 days she officially became a Friendly Farms foster bunny.

Claire is a sweet and lovely girl who enjoys attention. She is getting used to being a house bunny now, and is very good with her litter box. Playing with her toys, grooming and cuddling with her stuffed bunny, and doing cute little binkies are her favorite pastimes. She may be open to the idea of having a bunny friend, if you have a neutered male or friendly spayed female looking for companionship. Claire has been spayed.

Please contact us here at Friendly Farms if you are interested in adopting this wonderful girl.


Fancy – Adopted!

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Update 7/30/10: Fancy has been adopted! Best wishes to her and her new family!

Update: Lovely Fancy has been spayed and is ready to move into a new forever home. She has passed her litter box training with flying colors and is a very sweet girl. She will make a wonderful house rabbit companion for someone.

Fancy is a beautiful rex girl, with the soft, soft fur rexes are famous for. She enjoys taking strokes and is looking forward to being part of a loving family soon.

Fancy is available from Salinas Animal Services. She will need to be spayed as a condition of adoption (included in the shelter adoption fee). Contact the shelter or Friendly Farms to learn more about this gorgeous rabbit. Her shelter number is: A056946.

Rhonda and Ruby

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Update 6/2/10: Rhonda and Ruby have been transferred, and are now waiting for a wonderful family to adopt them at the SPCA for Monterey County. Visit them there M-F 11am-5pm, weekends 11-4.

Ruby and Rhonda are a pair of friendly girls looking for a quiet home in which to live out their senior years. They enjoy snuggling and playing together and are lots of fun to watch and interact with.

Rhonda and Ruby are currently living at Salinas Animal Services. Their shelter numbers are: A056479 and A056480. Please contact the shelter for more information about this darling duo. For more information about living with rats, see the Rattie Ratz website.


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Update 8/25/10: Finnegan is now being sponsored by Animal Friends Rescue Project. Visit him at Posh Pets in Pacific Grove. Call the store or email Kelly for more information about this darling bunny.

Finnegan is a striking harlequin boy. He is a laid-back kind of guy who enjoys lounging in his hay or hanging out on top of his house.

Finnegan has been neutered and is ready to be the resident house bunny for the family who sees what a great rabbit he is. Some young girls wanted to visit with him when I was at the shelter, and he was very patient and sweet with them.

You can visit Finnegan Tues. – Sat., noon – 5, at Salinas Animal Services, where his shelter number is: A056462. For more information, contact the shelter or Friendly Farms.


Friendly Farms Mobile Edition is now Live!

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Warhol Bunnies

Hey iPhone, Android, and Blackberry Storm visitors…

We have added a feature that brings a new user interface to Friendly Farms. You can now search our archives, tweet or email a link to our postings.




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Update 10/13: Faye is now a permanent resident of Friendly Farms. She is a delightful girl and we will give her the special care she needs for the rest of her life.

Update 6/16/10: Faye was spayed and recovered quickly. We have noticed that even though she is constantly grooming herself, she does not get clean. The vet said that it looks like Faye either lost part of her tongue to an injury, or just has an unusually small tongue. Faye needs bi-weekly baths from her humans to stay clean.

Faye is a very social and friendly girl who loves to run and explore. She tends to kick when being picked up, so we recommend that she go to a family with older children, or an adult home. She is now available for adoption.

Ross towel drying Faye after her bi-weekly bath.

Update 6/2/10: Faye has finished her medications, her fur is growing back nicely, and she is a very active girl! Greens and hay are no longer a mystery to her, so she is well-nourished now. She is scheduled to be spayed this week and will soon be available for adoption. This is one bunny who loves attention!

Faye came to the shelter underweight, and with extensive fur loss on her throat, chest, and legs. The shelter asked Friendly Farms to take her, as they were unable to give her the amount of medical attention she needs.

We immediately took Faye to the vet to assess her condition. Fur loss often occurs as a result of chronic dampness, such as living in unclean conditions, or from chronic drooling because of tooth issues. Dr. Wells at the Avian and Exotic Clinic gave Faye a thorough exam, including checking her molars under anesthesia, to rule out dental problems as contributing to her fur loss. Faye was bathed and skin scrapings were taken to see if she has any fungal diseases. She was prescribed a medication to reduce inflammation, and an antibiotic to help her body ward off any bacterial infections.

Faye has been eating non-stop since she came to Friendly Farms. She is unfamiliar with hay and many green vegetables, and she picks and chooses which ones she will eat. She knows exactly what to do with a carrot, apple, or raisin treat, however! With nourishing food available to her consistently now, she should soon gain to a healthy weight.

After just a few days it became apparent from the skin culture that Faye has ringworm, so she also being treated for that now.

We will continue to treat and reassess Faye’s medical needs over the next few weeks. Hopefully she will be a healthy, happy girl by mid-June, and we will be able to get her spayed and make her available for adoption. In the meantime, we could use help with her medical expenses. Donations can be made to the Friendly Farms Medical Fund at the Avian and Exotic Clinic of the Monterey Peninsula.

For more information, contact us here at Friendly Farms.