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Marcus keeps cool on a hot day with his frozen water bottles.

Update March 20, 2012: Marcus died unexpectedly and the necropsy showed only “pinpoint hemorrhaging in his lungs”. We think maybe he wanted to join his beloved Annabelle. Binky free, big guy. We miss you both so much.

Update 2/27/12: Marcus has had ongoing jaw and tooth issues since he has been here at Friendly Farms. He is currently stable and off of all medications, but the family who adopts this big teddy bun needs to be prepared to take on any further medical needs he has. Sadly, his girlfriend, Annabelle passed away, so he is a single bunny again. He would be delighted to meet some eligible girls, so contact us here at Friendly Farms if your bunny girl is looking for a large boy to snuggle with!

Update 9/20/11: We were able to control the infection medically, and Marcus has been able to keep his incisors! He is doing very well, but still needs another surgery to remove another abscess in his neck. We are hoping to get that surgery done sometime in October.

Update 4/15/11: Marcus has a large abscess on his neck with pockets that reach up around his tooth roots. The vet opened two drains and we are flushing twice daily and have him on antibiotics. We are hoping to eliminate the infection this way, but if that is not possible, major surgery, including removal of his incisors may be necessary. Can you help with his bills? Please make donations to the Friendly Farms Medical Fund at the Avian and Exotic Clinic.

Update 10/27/10: Marcus and Annabelle are now a happily bonded pair, and must be adopted together. Contact us for more information about this big, fun couple!

Update 10/5/10: Marcus came through his neuter surgery easily and recovered quickly. He is now available for adoption to an indoor home with a loving family.

Marcus is a big, sweet, French lop boy. He was found stray and ended up at the shelter, where his wounded and tattered ears led them to decide not to put him up for adoption. Our vet said that his injuries should heal quickly now that he has a clean, safe place to live and good healthy food available 24/7.

Marcus appears to be about 3 years old. He weighs in at almost 10 pounds- just right for those who love big bunnies!

Marcus is scheduled to be neutered on Thursday, September 30. He will be available for adoption the following week.

Contact us here at Friendly Farms for more information about this terrific boy.