SPCA Bunny Update!

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Kobayashi is a sweet little boy who is looking forward to running and playing in a new home!

There are still lots of delightful bunnies waiting at the SPCA for Monterey County for loving families to discover them and take them home!

Cabernet is a friendly and playful boy!

All of these wonderful rabbits have been spayed or neutered and micro-chipped.

Franny and Zooey are a gorgeous couple who can’t wait to show you their dance steps!

Ready to adopt? The SPCA is located across from the Laguna Seca Raceway, and is open for adoptions everyday from noon until 4pm.

This agouti cutie is named Pepper!

Haven’t lived with a bunny before? The House Rabbit Society has all the information you need to get started!

Rosemary and Pickles will enchant you with their sweet snuggles and playful antics!

Still not sure a bunny is the right choice for your family? We welcome your questions about living with a house rabbit! Contact us today!



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Update 10/4/11: Ginny is now being sponsored by Animal Friends Rescue Project. Please contact them for more information about adopting this darling girl.

Ginny is a friendly bunny girl who is very patient with being held and stroked. She is still a youngster, so she wants lots of time to run and play, and she will be more than happy to show you what the Bunny 500 is!

Ginny will need to be spayed before she can go home with her new family (included in the shelter adoption fee). She is currently living at Salinas Animal Services, where her shelter number is: A065654. Contact the shelter or Friendly Farms for more information about adopting this lovely girl!


California Cavy Daze!

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The three brothers share an alfalfa cube.

Update 9/20/11: The Salinas guinea pigs are now being sponsored by Cavy House Guinea Pig Rescue. For more information about adopting these wonderful furry friends, contact Sue at Cavy House.

It’s guinea pigs galore! Shelters and rescues all over California have been inundated with guinea pigs lately, and our own Salinas Animal Services is no exception- they have 10 adorable wheekers looking for new homes!

Baby girl and the three ladies check out the treats.

Gloria, Molly and Dolly have been joined by 7 more furry friends. This group was found in a box in a park. They include three cute boys, three adult females, and one young girl.

Guinea pigs do best when they have a companion to keep them company while their humans are off at work or school, so consider a pair or trio! For more information about living with guinea pigs, visit Guinea Lynx and Cavy Cages.

To adopt some fun into your family, visit Salinas Animal Services at 144 Hitchcock Road, just south of Salinas. The shelter is open noon until 5pm, Tuesday through Saturday. Contact the shelter or Friendly Farms for more information about these wonderful guinea pigs!

Don’t live in the Salinas area? Guinea pig groups such as Cavy House and North Star have many wonderful guinea pigs to choose from in the Bay Area. Southern California residents can contact Orange County Cavy Haven and Wee Companions.