Fabio – Adopted!

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Update 12/12/11: Fabio is now being sponsored by Cavy House Guinea Pig Rescue. Contact them for more information about adopting this gorgeous boy!

Fabulous Fabio is a darling Peruvian boy. He is very sweet and easy to handle, and we enjoy his piggy talk and popcorning. He was neutered on Oct. 18 at the Avian and Exotic Clinic.

Fabio is looking forward to going to a new home with another guinea pig friend. He will be able to meet eligible girls in November, after he is no longer fertile. If you have a spayed female or an easy-going male, we can schedule introductions now.

Long-haired guinea pigs need a lot of combing and trimming to keep their gorgeous locks beautiful. For more information on living with guinea pigs, visit Guinea Lynx and Guinea Pig Cages.

To schedule an introduction with Fabio, contact us here at Friendly Farms.


Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies!

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A large group of bunnies was found hopping around a Salinas neighborhood, and kind rescuers brought them to the shelter. There are gray bunnies, brown bunnies, white bunnies, adults and teenagers!

Come on down and find a new friend! All bunnies are spayed or neutered before going to new homes (included in the shelter adoption fee). Salinas Animal Services is open from noon until 5pm, Tuesday through Saturday.

Tuppence – Adopted!

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This bunny’s enormous ears were almost longer than his body when he was rescued!

Tuppy is jet black with gray eyes and gray-soled feet. The vet says he is healthy, and anyone who meets him will see he is full of binkies, and easy to love! Possibly fated to be a meat bunny, he was rescued outside a pet supply store where a man said no one would buy him because he was “like a black cat.” The man told us he tried to put the bunny in with unrelated adult rabbits, but Tuppy got bullied and bitten. A sad story for an adorable little fellow–won’t you give him a happy ending?

Tuppy has been neutered and is ready to go to a loving home. Please contact us here at Friendly Farms for more information about this delightful boy!