68 Rabbits Rounded Up in Monterey County!

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We are currently fostering Grace, who is being sponsored by Save A Bunny. She had an injury that required half of her tail to be amputated. We will take her up to Save A Bunny this Saturday, 1/28. Grace is healing quickly and eager to move on to a loving, forever home. Contact Save A Bunny for more information about adopting this wonderful girl!

Update 1/25/12: All but 12 of the Marina Dunes bunnies have now moved on to rescues, homes, or the SPCA! They have all been spayed or neutered, thanks to the generous work of the Avian and Exotic Clinic, which held a Spay-athon last weekend with the support of AFRP’s Rescue Rabbits Rock program and the Rabbit Haven.

Mouse and Matilda are two adorable girls being sponsored by Rabbit Ears in El Cerrito. They were spayed on 1/24 and we will take them up to Rabbit Ears this Saturday, 1/28. Contact Rabbit Ears if you are interested in adopting these cuties!

Thank you to everyone who has helped these bunnies through donations, adoption, fostering, or just getting the word out! Now we need to get the remaining 12 bunnies into rescue or adoptive homes as soon as possible.

Update 1/16/12: More of the Marina Dunes bunnies have been captured, bringing the shelter total to 73 today.

Area rescue groups took several rabbits last Friday. AFRP’s Rescue Rabbits Rock, Harvest Home, House Rabbit Society, RabbitEARS, and Save A Bunny have all rescued at least one rabbit each. Rabbit Haven has contributed a monetary donation and some supplies.

If you would like to adopt one of these delightful bunnies, please visit Monterey County Animal Services. They are open for adoptions from noon until 5:30pm, Monday through Saturday. The shelter is also in need of volunteers to help care for the bunnies and would appreciate donations of plain rabbit pellets and grass hay.

Can you foster one or more bunnies for at least a month? Please contact us here at Friendly Farms and we will direct you to one of the participating rescue groups.

Animal Control officers collected 68 rabbits abandoned on a property in the Marina Dunes area of Monterey County. Many of the rabbits are in foster care, but 10 are currently at Monterey County Animal Services, most of them for medical needs assessment and possible treatment.

According to shelter management, the rabbits are on stray hold in case the owner would like to reclaim them. If you are interested in adopting, donating, or volunteering to help these rabbits, please contact the shelter or Friendly Farms.