SPCA Update!

Posted in New news! at 2:15 PM by Lori

Popcorn and Alfie in their new studio apartments.

The SPCA bunnies have moved into the new adoption facility! They have a room in the cat wing of the building, and all of the modular cage units are new as well. I was there during a quiet afternoon, and the bunnies were mostly snoozing, with a little grooming and munching to break things up.

Franny lifts an ear to check out the interruption to her siesta.

The SPCA is open for adoptions from 11am – 5pm Monday through Friday, and 11 – 4 on Saturday and Sunday.

Pickles and Rosemary are a bonded pair who are delightful to watch snuggling and grooming.

There are more beautiful bunnies at the SPCA than are shown here. Go to their website to see more pictures of adoptable animals, or better yet, visit them in the new adoption facility!

Tidbit snoozes in his litterbox while Hopkins grooms himself and his stuffed friend.