Posted in The Friendly Farms Crew at 5:03 PM by Lori

Gidget has fallen for Nigel, one of our sanctuary boys, and is now a permanent resident of Friendly Farms. See our Adoptables page for listings of available guinea pigs, or go to Petfinder.

Gidget is about 2 years old now. She was surrendered to the shelter because the child in her family became allergic to her. Whether that is a true story or not we do not know, as sometimes people use “allergies” as an excuse to dump a pet that no one wants to care for, but here are some ideas for when allergies do become heightened around guinea pigs. We have found that wearing long sleeves when handling timothy hay stops our arms from breaking out, and others have reported that feeding second cut timothy hay (leafier, without the seed heads) or orchard grass eliminated the problem for the allergy sufferer.

Gidget is a little shy and not used to being handled a lot, but she has not nipped since we have had her. She enjoys living next to the other guinea pigs, however she has not been compatible with our pigs and may prefer to always have her own space. She is fine with the rabbits.