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Update: Ariel is now with Cavy World Guinea Pig Rescue in El Sobrante, CA. Please contact them for information about adopting this adorable girl.

Ariel is a gorgeous girl with lovely dark eyes. She runs up to see you when you approach her and will eagerly take treats from your hand. She is learning to enjoy being petted, but being picked up is still too scary for her!

Like most guinea pigs, Ariel enjoys hanging out with other piggies while you are off doing your human things- school, shopping, etc.- and then having some quality time with you when she has your full attention. Guinea pigs naturally live in herds of one male and one or more females, and a few dates will usually turn up a compatible friend for a lonely piggy.

Did you know that one of the most fun ways to socialize with your guinea pigs is in a pen big enough for you to sit with them while they run around? An exercise pen placed over a plastic tablecloth from the dollar store with an old sheet covering it to keep it from tearing from piggy nails, protects the floor and keeps your pigs from hiding under the furniture or getting lost in the stuff in the closet. A cardboard box or two with doors cut in them, a litter box with newspaper or litter in the bottom and a big pile of hay on top, and maybe a timothy tunnel makes a fun play land that you are part of! Exercise balls are dangerous for guinea pigs and should never be used.

Please contact us here at Friendly Farms if you are interested in adopting sweet Ariel.