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Charlotte at the shelter.

Charlotte’s new look!

Update 1/12/15: Charlotte is now bonded with Sage and they are happy snuggle buns.

Update 4/20/13: Charlotte has been learning how to do burn-outs and binkies and is ready to go home with a loving family. Please contact us here at Friendly Farms if you are interested in adopting her.

Update 4/10/13: Charlotte was spayed last week and the vet also surgically removed a large stone from her bladder. She is able to keep herself clean now, though she still has more weight to shed before she can be considered trim.

Charlotte will be available for adoption through Friendly Farms once she is off of medications and given a clean bill of health by our vet. Contact us if you are interested in giving this little girl a loving forever home.

Charlotte is a lovely girl with gorgeous black eyeliner. She is very frightened because of all of the new sounds and smells at the shelter, and will show her true personality when she feels secure in a new home. She was very good for her clean up and nail trim today.

Charlotte is very overweight and unable to clean herself. It will take a few months on a proper rabbit diet to get her down to a good weight. In the meantime, she needs help keeping her bottom clean.

She is scheduled to be spayed on Thurs. April 4.

Charlotte is at Monterey County Animal Services. Contact us or the shelter to learn more about this sweet girl. She is looking forward to a new life in a loving home.

For more information about living with rabbits, please go to the House Rabbit Society website.