Larry – Adopted!

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Update 11/17/13: Larry now has a wonderful new family, including 2 cute girlfriends! Congratulations to all!

This handsome boy was brought to the shelter with his two sons, Chip and Dale. He is a fun and playful guinea pig, but can be a little nippy when being held, so we recommend an experienced family for him.

Larry was neutered on May 9 and is ‘girl safe’ as of June 6. He can be adopted as a friend for your compatible guinea pig.

Please visit Guinea Lynx for information about living with guinea pigs. Cavy Cages has great housing ideas.

If you are interested in adopting Larry, please contact us here at Friendly Farms.



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Update 8/13: Snuggles is now part of AFRP’s rabbit program. Contact them for more info about adopting this wonderful boy.

Snuggles is a delightful young boy who loves to be petted almost as much as he loves playing! He is just a few months old and is really looking forward to a new home where he can run and jump and do the Bunny 500!


Snuggles has been neutered and is ready to go home with a family. He is currently at Salinas Animal Services, where his shelter number is: #A076704. Please contact Friendly Farms or the shelter for more information about this terrific boy!


To learn all about living with a house rabbit, please visit the House Rabbit Society.