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Update 8/13: Felix is now with the Animal Friends Rescue Project rabbit program. Please contact them for more information about adopting this fun boy.

Felix is a happy, friendly boy who loves to run and play. He has been neutered and is looking forward to becoming part of a loving family.

You can meet him Tues. – Sat. from noon – 5pm at Salinas Animal Services. The shelter is located at 144 Hitchcock Road, just past the County shelter.

Did you know that cardboard boxes and tunnels are great fun for bunnies? Just make sure that there are no staples or plastic tape on them that could get nibbled. Here’s an article with more great ideas for rabbit toys.

The House Rabbit Society has lots of great information about living with rabbits. Click on “FAQs” to learn about housing, diet, bunny-proofing your house, and more!



Chip and Dale – Adopted!

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Dale and Chip

Update 3/3/14: Chip and Dale have been adopted! Congratulations to all and may you have many happy years together!

Update 2/25/14: Chip and Dale are now available for adoption at Andy’s Pet Shop in San Jose through North Star Rescue.

Chip and Dale are two young brothers. They are energetic and playful and love to take treats from your hand. Chip and Dale have been neutered.


For more information about living with guinea pigs, please visit the Guinea Lynx website. Guinea Pig Cages has excellent housing ideas and links to places you can purchase appropriate supplies (pet store cages are too small).

Contact us here at Friendly Farms if you are ready to adopt this adorable pair of boys into your family.




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Update 8/13: Scooby is now in the Animal Friends Rescue Project rabbit program. Please contact them for more information about adopting Scooby.

Scooby, where are you? At Salinas Animal Services! Scooby is ready for years of fun bunny adventures with a new friend who promises to keep a steady supply of Scooby snacks on hand! Is that you?

Scooby has been neutered. His shelter number is: A076777. Please contact the shelter or Friendly Farms for more information about this adorable boy.

To learn all about living with a house rabbit, visit the House Rabbit Society website.