Please Welcome Thomas and the Harvest Home Rescue Girls!

Posted in The Friendly Farms Crew at 1:47 PM by Lori


Update 10/13: We have found a couple of eggs in the yard, so it seems our young goose is a girl! We have renamed her Thomasina and call her Tomi. Bigfoot couldn’t be more delighted.

We are pleased to welcome Thomas, a young goose who ended up at a Los Angeles shelter, to Friendly Farms!

Here is a short movie of him enjoying his daily salad: Thomas

We also recently took 6 egg farm hens into retirement. These girls suffered through 2 1/2 years as layers in battery cages. They will always have the clipped beaks to remind us of their past, but they are dust bathing, enjoying their salads, and laying in the sun with our other hens, their worth no longer dependent on their ability to lay lots of eggs.


If you would like to adopt some hens into your family, the British Hen Welfare Trust has some good articles on care and housing.

For California residents, Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary, Animal Place, and Farm Sanctuary are all active in bringing egg farm hens and other farmed animals to safety and loving homes.