Manzanita Park Guinea Pigs

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Agnes and Pauly.

A number of guinea pigs were abandoned to fend for themselves at Manzanita Park in Prunedale the week of the New Year. Agnes and Pauly were taken to Monterey County Animal Services on Friday, Jan. 3rd. We picked them up from the shelter on Saturday, and were alerted that there were more piggies out at the park on Monday.

Brothers Popcorn and Peanut. Update 6/9/14: Popcorn and Peanut have been adopted!

We were able to catch Peanut on Monday the 6th, and Popcorn on Tuesday, and they were very happy to be reunited in safety. They enjoy sharing a pigloo and wheeking loudly at mealtimes.

We started putting food out every evening for the remaining piggies, but it was not until the 17th that we were able to catch another. Cora gave birth to two little boys under an oak tree behind some brush. The newborns were not difficult to catch, but Cora was skilled at evading predators and it took the help of a couple of kind park goers to get her herded into a carrier with the boys.


Unfortunately, the stress of giving birth coupled with poor nutrition resulted in a fractured pelvis for brave Cora. She is currently on cage rest, but her condition has worsened and she is now paralyzed. Her appetite is good and she is gaining weight, so we are hoping that she has stabilized and will live a happy life in safety from now on. Sadly, she was not able to nurse her boys. They did not thrive, even with supplemental feedings, and died after a few days. We are heartbroken.

Update 2/25/14: The vet thinks that Cora may have had a stroke. She is recovering slowly and has started to walk again! We are very excited at the progress she has made!

Cora’s babies. Rest in peace, little boys.

We know that there is at least one more guinea pig out at the park and will continue our efforts to bring her/him to safety.

Update 2/3/14: We were able to catch the last guinea pig. He has been named Nestor, after the Greek hero/Argonaut, for his valor and agility.

Brave Nestor the night before his capture, checking out the carrier we left at the feeding station.

If you would like to support our life-saving work, please make a donation to the Friendly Farms Medical Fund at the Avian and Exotic Clinic for the Monterey Peninsula. They can take a credit card number over the phone or a check earmarked for Friendly Farms by mail. Thank you for helping the piggies!


Henry – Adopted!

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Update 2/4/14: Henry has been adopted! He is now enjoying life with a delightful new girlfriend and loving piggy parents! Congratulations to everyone!

Henry is a handsome Peruvian boy. He is friendly and easy to handle. His long locks will need to be cared for all of his life, so be sure you enjoy that sort of work or are willing to take him in to be groomed every 3 months before committing to adopting him!


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Henry has been neutered and will be “girl-safe” mid-January. Contact us here at Friendly Farms if you are interested in adopting this darling boy to be a friend for your guinea pig.