Gloria and Calvin – Adopted!

Posted in Adopted! at 6:46 AM by Lori


Update 10/14/14: Gloria and Calvin have a new home! Thank you to Andy’s Pet Shop and North Star Rescue for helping them to connect with their new family!

Gloria is the lovely sheltie/silkie girl on the left, and Calvin the handsome ebony boy. Calvin is probably still less than a year old, and Gloria just a few months. They are playful and enjoy sitting on their pigloos and wheeking at mealtimes. Though they are not eager to be picked up, they are both okay with being held and stroked. Calvin has been neutered.

Did you know that hay is the basis for a guinea pig’s diet? Grass hays such as timothy or orchard provide essential fiber for keeping their gut moving properly and their teeth worn. Add a bowl of clean water, some quality pellets such as Oxbow Essentials – Adult Guinea Pig Food (formerly known as Cavy Cuisine) and fresh greens such as romaine, cilantro, carrot tops and dandelion each day, and your guinea pig has the foundation for a long, healthy life!


Please contact us here at Friendly Farms for more information about adopting this sweet pair!