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Update 7/24/15: Pandora’s surgery went well and she did her post-op here at Friendly Farms. The vet found a tumor in her uterus, but was able to remove it during the spay surgery.

Her dental examination showed no problems. Evidently what the shelter vet saw resolved itself in the week between examinations. We are glad that Pandora has a healthy mouth. Tooth issues can be painful for bunny and costly to their humans!

Pandora is now available for adoption through AFRP’s rabbit program, Rescue Rabbits Rock! Please contact Lisa of RRR for more information about this darling girl.

This lovely girl’s name is Pandora. She is currently in between homes and staying at the Salinas Animal Shelter. She is a very sweet girl who just wants someone to pet her and care for her lovingly.

Pandora is an older bunny, maybe 5 years? Unspayed female rabbits older than 4 often have cancerous or precancerous changes to their uterus, so we like to get them spayed as quickly as possible to eliminate this potentially deadly health issue.

Did you know that rabbits’ teeth continue growing throughout their lifetime? They are normally worn to the proper length by bunnies eating their naturally coarse diet of grasses and twigs, but many, especially older rabbits, need a little dental work to keep everything in proper alignment. Pandora has some molar spurs that we would like the vet to remove while she is under anesthesia for her spay on Friday. We need donations to cover this surgery, though, so we are asking for your help.

Contact the Avian and Exotic Clinic at 831-647-1147 and they can take your credit card number over the phone, or send them a check earmarked for Friendly Farms.

Thank you in advance for your support. By working together we are able to get these wonderful animals to safety and loving homes.