Prunedale Breeder Shuts Down, 12 Remaining Guinea Pigs to Friendly Farms

Posted in New news! at 4:15 PM by Lori


We recently took the last 12 guinea pigs from a local backyard breeder who was getting out of the business. We were told that the only 2 males had been separated from the moms and pups, but when I picked up the first male and he was a she, we knew that the pigs had not been sexed properly, and it is likely that all of the females of bearing age are pregnant.

A mom and daughter.

After bringing them home and assessing them, they all appear to be healthy. There are 7 males and 5 females.

A juvenile boy we have named Opie.

Please contact us if you are interested in fostering or adopting some of these delightful guinea pigs.