Agnes and Pauly

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Pauly and Agnes were rescued from Manzanita Park just after the New Year. Pauly was neutered in February, and Agnes delivered her babies in March. Now that the babies have been weaned and moved out, Agnes and Pauly are ready to go to their own loving, forever home!


Pauly and Agnes have learned all about taking treats from human hands. They are still shy about being held and stroked, but will come around with regular gentle handling.

Please contact us here at Friendly Farms for more information about adopting this sweet pair.


Agnes’ Girls

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Agnes and two of her five babies.

Crystal, Angela and Pearl and their two brothers, Michael and Angelo, were born on March 11. Five babies is a large litter for guinea pigs, but Agnes did an excellent job of feeding and caring for them. The babies are now weaned and the girls are ready for adoption!

All three girls are white with dark eyes. Since they all look like fellow Manzanita Park piggy Nestor, we assume he is the daddy, but Pauly has been a terrific stepdad.

Pauly and the family.

The girls may be adopted as a trio, a pair, or a single girl may be a friend for your female or neutered male guinea pig. Guinea Lynx has lots of great info about caring for guinea pigs. North Star has a nice guide to housing.

Crystal gets some big air!

For more information about adopting these delightful little girls, please contact us here at Friendly Farms.


Clover and Mochi

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Mochi and Clover are sisters. Aren’t they lovely? They are about 2 1/2 years old now.

They are a little shy and not used to being picked up, but, like all guinea pigs, Clover and Mochi are social animals, and their humans need to work everyday to be a trusted part of the herd. Hand feeding them their veggies and talking to them when you are visiting help them to know you are a friend. Here is a good video on how to tame your guinea pigs.

We have had them for just over a week now. At first they hid in their house when we came into the room, but now they are front and center at mealtimes, and it is getting easier to pick them up and stroke them at every cage cleaning.


Contact us here at Friendly Farms if you are interested in adopting these gorgeous ladies.



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Handsome Calvin is a sweet and friendly boy who is easy to handle. He was neutered on March 14 and will be “girl-safe” April 11. He is looking forward to showing off his rumble-strut!

Guinea pigs are herd animals and should always be kept in groups of 2 or more. They keep each other company while you are off doing human things like shopping, school, or work, and when you are asleep. And watching them interact with each other is a lot of fun for us, as well!


For more information about caring for guinea pigs, visit Guinea Lynx. North Star has a great guide on housing.

Calvin is available for adoption through Friendly Farms. Contact us for more information about this delightful boy.


Manzanita Park Guinea Pigs

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Agnes and Pauly.

A number of guinea pigs were abandoned to fend for themselves at Manzanita Park in Prunedale the week of the New Year. Agnes and Pauly were taken to Monterey County Animal Services on Friday, Jan. 3rd. We picked them up from the shelter on Saturday, and were alerted that there were more piggies out at the park on Monday.

Brothers Popcorn and Peanut. Update 2/25/14: Popcorn and Peanut are now available for adoption at Andy’s Pet Shop in San Jose!

We were able to catch Peanut on Monday the 6th, and Popcorn on Tuesday, and they were very happy to be reunited in safety. They enjoy sharing a pigloo and wheeking loudly at mealtimes.

We started putting food out every evening for the remaining piggies, but it was not until the 17th that we were able to catch another. Cora gave birth to two little boys under an oak tree behind some brush. The newborns were not difficult to catch, but Cora was skilled at evading predators and it took the help of a couple of kind park goers to get her herded into a carrier with the boys.


Unfortunately, the stress of giving birth coupled with poor nutrition resulted in a fractured pelvis for brave Cora. She is currently on cage rest, but her condition has worsened and she is now paralyzed. Her appetite is good and she is gaining weight, so we are hoping that she has stabilized and will live a happy life in safety from now on. Sadly, she was not able to nurse her boys. They did not thrive, even with supplemental feedings, and died after a few days. We are heartbroken.

Update 2/25/14: The vet thinks that Cora may have had a stroke. She is recovering slowly and has started to walk again! We are very excited at the progress she has made!

Cora’s babies. Rest in peace, little boys.

We know that there is at least one more guinea pig out at the park and will continue our efforts to bring her/him to safety.

Update 2/3/14: We were able to catch the last guinea pig. He has been named Nestor, after the Greek hero/Argonaut, for his valor and agility.

Brave Nestor the night before his capture, checking out the carrier we left at the feeding station.

If you would like to support our life-saving work, please make a donation to the Friendly Farms Medical Fund at the Avian and Exotic Clinic for the Monterey Peninsula. They can take a credit card number over the phone or a check earmarked for Friendly Farms by mail. Thank you for helping the piggies!


Henry – Adopted!

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Update 2/4/14: Henry has been adopted! He is now enjoying life with a delightful new girlfriend and loving piggy parents! Congratulations to everyone!

Henry is a handsome Peruvian boy. He is friendly and easy to handle. His long locks will need to be cared for all of his life, so be sure you enjoy that sort of work or are willing to take him in to be groomed every 3 months before committing to adopting him!


Did you know that most pet store cages are too small for guinea pigs? Just because there is a picture of a guinea pig on the box doesn’t mean that your piggies will be happy crowded into that little space! Guinea Pig Cages has lots of great ideas for housing guinea pigs so they have the room they need to run around, as well as space for their huts, beds, hay boxes, food dishes, and toys.


Henry has been neutered and will be “girl-safe” mid-January. Contact us here at Friendly Farms if you are interested in adopting this darling boy to be a friend for your guinea pig.



Kayla and Honey – Adopted!

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Update 3/3/14: Kayla and Honey have been adopted! Best wishes for many wonderful years to them and their new family!

Update 2/25/14: Kayla and Honey are now at Andy’s Pet Shop in San Jose, and available for adoption through North Star Rescue.

Kayla and Honey are both about 1 1/2 years old, with Kayla being a few weeks older than Honey. They are sweet and delightful girls. Like all guinea pigs, they are especially skilled at turning hay into “gardener’s black gold” and will be doubly pleased if you plant an extra row of veggies just for them!


To learn about living with guinea pigs, please visit Guinea Lynx. Guinea Pig Cages has great housing ideas.

Please contact us here at Friendly Farms for more information about adopting this pair of lovely girls.


Almond Joy and Kalua

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Isn’t this couple adorable? Almond Joy is the darling girl with her head tucked under her hero Kalua’s chin.

Kalua and Almond Joy are 3 years old and must be adopted together. Kalua has been neutered. They are used to being handled and have lived in a household with dogs and birds.

Almond Joy had a serious case of pneumonia when she was a young girl. She lost the use of one lung, but the other lung is working fine and she can run and play just like the other piggies. However, she will need this condition to be monitored during her yearly well-piggy exam.

For more information about living with guinea pigs, please visit Guinea Lynx. Guinea Pig Cages has great housing ideas.

Please contact us here at Friendly Farms for more information about adopting this wonderful couple.


Tootsie Roll and Piglet – Adopted!

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Tootsie Roll and Piglet have been adopted! Congratulations to them and their new family! May you have many delightful years together!

Tootsie Roll and Piglet are a darling guinea pig couple. Tootsie Roll is the lovely girl on the left. They are social piggies who will take treats from your hand and are fine with being snuggled and cooed over.

Handsome Piglet has had some problems with bladder stones in the past, so he needs to be on a healthy diet- no junk food or high calcium foods for this boy! He has been neutered.

He and Tootsie Roll are 3 years old, and they must remain together. They can also be adopted with their friends Coconut and Midnight, or Almond Joy and Kalua.

For more information about living with guinea pigs, please visit Guinea Lynx. Guinea Pig Cages has great housing ideas.

Please contact us here at Friendly Farms for more information about adopting these sweeties.



Please Welcome Thomas and the Harvest Home Rescue Girls!

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Update 10/13: We have found a couple of eggs in the yard, so it seems our young goose is a girl! We have renamed her Thomasina and call her Tomi. Bigfoot couldn’t be more delighted.

We are pleased to welcome Thomas, a young goose who ended up at a Los Angeles shelter, to Friendly Farms!

Here is a short movie of him enjoying his daily salad: Thomas

We also recently took 6 egg farm hens into retirement. These girls suffered through 2 1/2 years as layers in battery cages. They will always have the clipped beaks to remind us of their past, but they are dust bathing, enjoying their salads, and laying in the sun with our other hens, their worth no longer dependent on their ability to lay lots of eggs.


If you would like to adopt some hens into your family, the British Hen Welfare Trust has some good articles on care and housing.

For California residents, Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary, Animal Place, and Farm Sanctuary are all active in bringing egg farm hens and other farmed animals to safety and loving homes.

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