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Update 1/27/15: Our beautiful girl has been given a clean bill of health by the vet and is available for adoption to a loving home! Contact us here at Friendly Farms and we will set up a time for introductions with your guinea pig.

Please keep in mind that Candace is a long-haired piggy and will need help caring for her lovely locks. Most people keep their long-haired guinea pigs trimmed, as it is the easiest way to keep them clean and free of mats.

Lovely Candace recently came into the San Jose shelter with matted and filthy fur, a wound on her hind end, and a large abscess on her neck. We got her to the Avian & Exotic Clinic for surgery as quick as we could, where the vet confirmed that her abscess was due to cervical lymphadenitis. Candace’s surgery was a great success, with the vet being able to remove the entire abscess. She was able to close the incision with no drains or flushing necessary.

Candace doing her best not to show off her many surgical staples. A few are visible in the center of the photograph.

Candace will be on antibiotics until she gets a clean bill of health from the vet. For now, she is munching her hay and veggies like any other guinea pig, and looking forward to having her surgical staples removed next week.

Wound on Candace’s hind end.

We are very thankful to the people who make it possible for us to save the lives of guinea pigs like Candace: the Avian & Exotic Clinic and their skilled vets and staff, and our donors who provide the funding for our work. We are hoping to raise $500 to cover Candace’s bills. Your donation will help us to continue helping animals with medical needs who are slated for euthanasia at our local shelters. Call the Avian & Exotic Clinic at 831-647-1147, tell them you would like to donate to the Friendly Farms Medical Fund, and they will take your credit card information over the phone.

Pretty Candace will be available for adoption when the vet has cleared her. Stay tuned for updates!



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Fiona is a very active young girl, full of bunny fun and personality! Hold still for a picture? Are you kidding? She loves to run and play and will do best in an experienced home where she gets plenty of attention and has lots of rabbit-proofed space to explore.

Exercise pens are one of the easiest and least expensive ways to create a safe and comfortable space for your rabbit to live during those times she cannot be running free in the house. A 24″ is high enough for a sedate adult bunny, a 30″ for a more active and curious younger rabbit, and a 36″ may be necessary for a rambunctious teenager, especially one who has not yet been spayed or neutered. Some manufacturers also make lids for their pens, which helps to keep cats, dogs, and small children out of the pen if needed.

Fiona has been spayed. Please contact us here at Friendly Farms if you are interested in meeting her.



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Betsy is a lovely crested guinea pig who is very opinionated! She is very social and loves to explore and then visit you for a treat or a head rub. Watch out, though! If she is upset by something, she thinks nothing of giving you a firm nip! For this reason, Betsy can only go to an experienced adult home where her humans can read her behaviors and anticipate when she is getting scared or cranky.

Betsy has not shown any interest in joining a herd, but she is definitely interested in meeting boys! We think she will do best paired with a neutered male. She is about 2 years old now.

Contact us here at Friendly Farms if you are interested in meeting this lively girl.


SPCA Offers Reward in Seaside Rabbit Abandonment Case

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18 young rabbits were abandoned at Laguna Grande Regional Park in Seaside early this month. The SPCA is offering a $1000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.

Please help us to find homes for these rabbits! Contact the SPCA or AFRP’s Rescue Rabbits Rock program if you can foster or adopt one or more of these cuties.

Here are some links to more information about this case:

SPCA Humane Investigations

The Monterey Herald



Angus – Adopted!

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Update 9/9/14: Angus has a new friend and a new home! Congratulations to him and his new family!

Angus is a real cutie-pie! He is gray with white markings and crazy wild fur on his back end! We think he is about a year old now. He is learning to accept handling and will sit on your lap for strokes and a treat.


Angus has been neutered and will be safe to meet eligible girlfriends on July 11. Please contact us here at Friendly Farms to meet this gorgeous boy.


Michael & Angelo – Adopted!

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Angelo has his mother’s brown and white markings, while Michael is all white with dark eyes like his father.

Update 9/17/14: Michael and Angelo have been adopted! Thank you North Star Rescue and Andy’s Pet Shop for helping them to find a loving home!

Michael and Angelo are Agnes’ boys (from the Manzanita Park rescue). They have had their neuter surgeries and are ready to go to a loving home now.


Like all young guinea pigs, Angelo and Michael love to run and play. They enjoy each others’ company and must be kept together. Guinea pigs are naturally herd animals and should always be with friends of their own species.


Please contact us here at Friendly Farms if you are interested in adopting these delightful boys.


Donny and Ben

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Donny and Ben are a delightful pair of shy boys. Donny is okay with head rubs once he gets to know you. He is the larger brown Peruvian. Ben kisses his friends, but is really not into being petted. He is the small red Abyssinian. They are front and center at mealtimes and always up for a treat of fresh greens or a little piece of carrot.

Donny has been diagnosed with a heart murmur, so it is best if he goes to a quiet home with older children or just adults. His long coat will need to kept clean and unmatted. Most people with Peruvian pigs find it easiest to just keep their fur cut short.

Both boys have been neutered.


Want some housing ideas? North Star Rescue has a great page with many options here. Two active boys such as Ben and Donny need a large space with hideaways, a big pile of hay to browse (we use a litter box to keep it somewhat contained), and room to do some laps when the urge strikes.

Please contact us here at Friendly Farms for more information on adopting these fun boys.


Gloria and Calvin – Adopted!

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Update 10/14/14: Gloria and Calvin have a new home! Thank you to Andy’s Pet Shop and North Star Rescue for helping them to connect with their new family!

Gloria is the lovely sheltie/silkie girl on the left, and Calvin the handsome ebony boy. Calvin is probably still less than a year old, and Gloria just a few months. They are playful and enjoy sitting on their pigloos and wheeking at mealtimes. Though they are not eager to be picked up, they are both okay with being held and stroked. Calvin has been neutered.

Did you know that hay is the basis for a guinea pig’s diet? Grass hays such as timothy or orchard provide essential fiber for keeping their gut moving properly and their teeth worn. Add a bowl of clean water, some quality pellets such as Oxbow Essentials – Adult Guinea Pig Food (formerly known as Cavy Cuisine) and fresh greens such as romaine, cilantro, carrot tops and dandelion each day, and your guinea pig has the foundation for a long, healthy life!


Please contact us here at Friendly Farms for more information about adopting this sweet pair!


Phil and Blackie

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Phil and Blackie are a fun pair of neutered guinea pig boys. Phil is a cuy mix, a large, strong variety of guinea pig that is a little more prone to skittishness. Because of this, we do not recommend this pair going to a family with small children.

Blackie is mellow and always on the lookout for treats. Phil loves to run and explore. They will need a nice large enclosure such as a C & C cage for a home. North Star has a great guide to guinea pig cages.


Please contact us here at Friendly Farms if you are interested in adopting these delightful boys!


Agnes and Pauly – Adopted!

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Update 6/9/14: Pauly and Agnes have been adopted! Best wishes to them and their new family!

Update 4/27/14: Agnes and Pauly are now available for adoption at Andy’s Pet Shop in San Jose through North Star Rescue.

Pauly and Agnes were rescued from Manzanita Park just after the New Year. Pauly was neutered in February, and Agnes delivered her babies in March. Now that the babies have been weaned and moved out, Agnes and Pauly are ready to go to their own loving, forever home!


Pauly and Agnes have learned all about taking treats from human hands. They are still shy about being held and stroked, but will come around with regular gentle handling.

Please contact us here at Friendly Farms for more information about adopting this sweet pair.

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