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This handsome boy’s name is Amubi. He is from the group of rabbits abandoned on Old Stage Road last fall, and about a year old. He has a bit of a torn ear from when he was living with the other boys in the shelter barn, but it has healed and doesn’t bother him.

Amubi has been neutered and would be interested in having a friend if you have a lonely bunny. Let us know if you want to meet this sweet boy.

Visit the House Rabbit Society at rabbit.org to learn all about living with rabbits.



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Akia is a lovely satin girl who is very social and loves to run and explore. She is looking for an indoor home where she will be one of the family. Akia is good with her litterbox. She is still young and loves to nibble, so her area must be bunny-proofed.

Please contact us here at Friendly Farms if you are interested in meeting Akia.


17 Rabbits Brought to Monterey County Animal Services

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Update 1/4/16: Thank you for your support! All of these bunnies are now safely out of the shelter and are starting to get over their URIs and ready for new homes! The Avian and Exotic Clinic of Monterey has been very generous in helping these bunnies, and we are down to needing just 2 more spays. Your donations get these bunnies the medicines and procedures they need on their way to being happy, healthy, well-loved house bunnies.

Update 12/13/15: Animal Friends Rescue Project has pulled 6 of these bunnies into their rabbit program. Of the remaining 11, all have been spayed or neutered now except for 4 girls who still need to be spayed. Irri has been diagnosed with megacolon, and she and Binni have been taken into our sanctuary program.

Our biggest hurdle has been in resolving the upper respiratory infections that so many of these bunnies have. We would like to do another culture and sensitivity test and perhaps add a nebulized antibiotic to their regimen, but we need another $250 for the lab and pharmacy.

Donations to help these rabbits are greatly appreciated! Visit our fund raising page at YouCaring or give to our medical fund at the Avian and Exotic Clinic.


A large number of rabbits were recently abandoned on Old Stage Road. Monterey County Animal Services has 17 that are being vetted for medical conditions, and will be spayed or neutered and made available for adoption.


These three were immediately pulled for medical reasons, and Friendly Farms is fostering them. Irri has an upper respiratory infection, Binni has a crushed foot and a URI, and Basmati has a torn third eyelid. All are expected to recover soon and will be available for adoption after their spays and neuter. Binni will need a home that will accommodate her special “lucky foot”, as she will be a little less agile than other bunnies.

Jasmine is a lovely mini-rex girl who has been spayed and is available for adoption through Monterey County Animal Services. Please contact the shelter if you are interested in adopting her.

We need approximately $1200 to get the rest of these rabbits spayed and neutered. Please donate to the Friendly Farms Medical Fund at the Avian and Exotic Clinic of Monterey. Their number is 831-647-1147 and they will take your credit card number over the phone. Or donate online at YouCaring. With your support, we can get these bunnies into loving homes for the holidays!



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What a little cutie! Henry is a sweet and shy satin boy. He loves zooming around during run time and getting loving pets from his humans. Henry is not used to being picked up, but is happy to interact at floor level. He has been neutered.

Are you new to having rabbits as companion animals? The House Rabbit Society website has lots of great information about living with rabbits. Start with their FAQS. Let us know if you have any questions, need suggestions for bunny-proofing, or want to schedule your furry friend for a nail trim and scent gland cleaning.

Please contact us here at Friendly Farms if you are interested in adopting Henry.



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Humphrey is a delightful satin boy with soft, soft fur. He is an active young boy who loves to run around and play with his toys, but most of all, he just wants to hang out with his friends.


Humphrey does not like new situations, so he will do best in a quiet, adult home, where life is pretty predictable. He needs to bond firmly with at least one of his humans who will always be there for him and help him to feel secure. We don’t know what Humphrey has seen in his short life, but something has made him extremely distrustful of being handled by strangers. But once he knows you, he is all set for taking strokes and being involved with the daily goings on.


Please contact us here at Friendly Farms if you are interested in meeting Humphrey. He has been neutered and would be interested in bonding with a compatible female.


Please Welcome Panda and Pooh!

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Panda and Pooh hanging out in their hay box.

Update: Sadly, dear Panda Bear has left us for the next world. Evidently the cancer had spread to other parts of his body. Though he was only with us a few weeks, we enjoyed his sweet disposition and giving him extra treats. We are glad that he was happy and comfortable during his short stay.

Pooh Bear has moved in with Snowball and Almond Joy and is a happy boy. They are a darling trio.

Please welcome our latest sanctuary residents, Panda and Pooh! They came to us from a not good situation, from which they were rescued by some local angels and taken to our vet.

Panda and Pooh look to be about 5 or 6 years old. Panda has a gi-normous tumor on his left hind leg that is unfortunately inoperable. He is a trouper, though, and doesn’t let it stop him from getting around or from stealing food from Pooh!

Panda hay snorkeling.

Pooh has a benign growth on his nose that makes it look a little crusty. It doesn’t seem to bother him at all.

Pooh and Panda on the way home from the vet. Panda’s tumor is pretty evident in this photo.

Panda and Pooh are sweet boys who love to cuddle. Panda is the more outgoing of the two. He is always on the lookout for treats, and with the tumor stealing so much of his nutrition, he is rather thin and we get to oblige! We supplement his regular food with Critical Care syringe feeding formula and fresh treats like carrot and melon.

When the human arrives, Panda takes one step forward and Pooh takes one step back. They love to snuggle together in their bigloo.

The vet does not expect Panda to be with us much longer, but we will make his remaining time as happy and comfortable as we can. Pooh will always have a home with us, and we will ensure that he always has guinea pig friends to do guinea pig things with.



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Update 7/24/15: Pandora’s surgery went well and she did her post-op here at Friendly Farms. The vet found a tumor in her uterus, but was able to remove it during the spay surgery.

Her dental examination showed no problems. Evidently what the shelter vet saw resolved itself in the week between examinations. We are glad that Pandora has a healthy mouth. Tooth issues can be painful for bunny and costly to their humans!

Pandora is now available for adoption through AFRP’s rabbit program, Rescue Rabbits Rock! Please contact Lisa of RRR for more information about this darling girl.

This lovely girl’s name is Pandora. She is currently in between homes and staying at the Salinas Animal Shelter. She is a very sweet girl who just wants someone to pet her and care for her lovingly.

Pandora is an older bunny, maybe 5 years? Unspayed female rabbits older than 4 often have cancerous or precancerous changes to their uterus, so we like to get them spayed as quickly as possible to eliminate this potentially deadly health issue.

Did you know that rabbits’ teeth continue growing throughout their lifetime? They are normally worn to the proper length by bunnies eating their naturally coarse diet of grasses and twigs, but many, especially older rabbits, need a little dental work to keep everything in proper alignment. Pandora has some molar spurs that we would like the vet to remove while she is under anesthesia for her spay on Friday. We need donations to cover this surgery, though, so we are asking for your help.

Contact the Avian and Exotic Clinic at 831-647-1147 and they can take your credit card number over the phone, or send them a check earmarked for Friendly Farms.

Thank you in advance for your support. By working together we are able to get these wonderful animals to safety and loving homes.


Florence and Edward – Adopted!

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Update 6/15: Flo and Eddie have been adopted into a loving home! Congratulations to everyone, and thank you to Northstar Rescue and Andy’s Pet Shop!

Flo and Eddie are a darling young couple who came to us last fall. We got Eddie neutered right away because they seem very bonded and we want them to stay together, but that meant an extended pregnancy watch for Flo, as we had to start the clock 2 weeks after Eddie’s surgery. She did not have any pups, so now Flo and Eddie are available for adoption.

Like all young guinea pigs, Flo and Eddie love to run and play. A Cubes and Coroplast (C&C) cage is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to provide a roomy home for your guinea pigs. Guinea Pig Cages website will help you to find the materials you need and gives instructions on how to build one.

Flo is a long-haired guinea pig, so she will require regular grooming to keep her coat clean and free of mats. We recommend keeping her fur cut short for easy care, unless you want to spend a lot of time fussing over her to keep it long and silky.

Please contact us here at Friendly Farms if you would like to meet these adorable guinea pigs.


Snowball and Teddy

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Update 6/24/15: Teddy has unexpectedly passed away. We have bonded Snowball to Almond Joy and Kahlua, a pair of our sanctuary piggies, and she will spend the remainder of her days with us here at Friendly Farms.

Snowball & Teddy are a bonded pair of older girls. They are friendly and used to being handled, but, as with all guinea pigs, need to take some time before they fully trust you.

Snowball has ovarian cysts, which are very common in older female guinea pigs. Your vet can check them during her well-pet exams to make sure they are not growing or causing Snowball any discomfort.

One of Teddy’s hind feet looks like it was broken at some point in her life. It has healed and she walks on it just fine and it does not appear to be at all painful for her.

Guinea pigs live for 5 – 8 years, so these girls still have plenty of good times ahead of them. Contact us here at Friendly Farms if you are interested in providing them with a comfortable retirement home.



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Update 2/10/15: We are very sad to say that Candace passed away, very unexpectedly. The vet was unable to find a definitive cause of death during the necropsy. We are sorry that she did not get to enjoy a long life, but hope that her time here was happy. She was adorable in every way and we loved her. RIP little girl.

Update 1/27/15: Our beautiful girl has been given a clean bill of health by the vet and is available for adoption to a loving home! Contact us here at Friendly Farms and we will set up a time for introductions with your guinea pig.

Please keep in mind that Candace is a long-haired piggy and will need help caring for her lovely locks. Most people keep their long-haired guinea pigs trimmed, as it is the easiest way to keep them clean and free of mats.

Lovely Candace recently came into a Bay Area shelter with matted and filthy fur, a wound on her hind end, and a large abscess on her neck. We got her to the Avian & Exotic Clinic for surgery as quick as we could, where the vet confirmed that her abscess was due to cervical lymphadenitis. Candace’s surgery was a great success, with the vet being able to remove the entire abscess. She was able to close the incision with no drains or flushing necessary.

Candace doing her best not to show off her many surgical staples. A few are visible in the center of the photograph.

Candace will be on antibiotics until she gets a clean bill of health from the vet. For now, she is munching her hay and veggies like any other guinea pig, and looking forward to having her surgical staples removed next week.

Wound on Candace’s hind end.

We are very thankful to the people who make it possible for us to save the lives of guinea pigs like Candace: the Avian & Exotic Clinic and their skilled vets and staff, and our donors who provide the funding for our work. We are hoping to raise $500 to cover Candace’s bills. Your donation will help us to continue helping animals with medical needs who are slated for euthanasia at our local shelters. Call the Avian & Exotic Clinic at 831-647-1147, tell them you would like to donate to the Friendly Farms Medical Fund, and they will take your credit card information over the phone.

Pretty Candace will be available for adoption when the vet has cleared her. Stay tuned for updates!

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