Faye has only half a tongue and cannot groom herself or eat properly. She needs regular bathing to stay clean.

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Trevor, one of our disabled bunnies.

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Scarlett O’Henna was found hiding under a car by a little boy, whose grandparents alerted us to her situation. The massive wound on her back took several weeks and many vet trips to heal, before she could join our sanctuary flock.

If you would like to donate to our medical fund at The Avian and Exotic Clinic of Monterey, give them your credit card number over the phone or mail a check with a note saying it is to go to the Friendly Farms Medical Fund.

Akia gets her surgical staples from her spay removed by Dr. Thomas and Sarah. Akia was one of the 17 bunnies dumped on Old Stage Road in late 2015.

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Phoebe gets her meds, and Sasha hopes for a treat.

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Polly needed a couple of weeks of indoor rest and antibiotics to recover from a bacterial infection.